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Every day I wake up, the first thought that crosses my mind is “Who can I help next?” I’m excited about helping people find their passion & purpose in life. Through personal and professional develop, it is my goal to help people cultivate healthier relationships. If you believe I can help you or your organization, let’s get started.

12278972_1714318552131380_1586774064590146700_nFirst, I’d like to thank you for considering working with me. Below you’ll find a list of ways I may be able to be of service to you.

Search My Blogs: If you are looking for advice on relationships, business or branding, I’ve got hundreds of blogs right here on my site that may be of great help to you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, subscribe to my YouTube channel; there may be a video that addresses your particular interests or concerns. Also, I write for Huffington Post so be sure to subscribe, read and share my articles there. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, I would be more than happy to write a new blog/post a new video on the topic.

Purchase My Book(s): My self-help books Food, Sex & Peace Of Mind and Break Every Chain are both available on Amazon. If you are looking to improve the quality of your life and your relationship, both are excellent choices.

Book Me As A Speaker or Host: I’ve been a keynote speaker at corporate events, conferences, churches, and schools for the past 5 years. If you would like for me to speak at your next event, please email me with the details of your project or event and someone from my team will get back with you promptly.

Hire Me For Coaching: Due to schedule, I have very limited time for 1-on-1 coaching, but love the experience of interacting with individuals and therefore charge competitive rates. If you believe you can benefit from 1-on-1 coaching, I encourage scheduling a session.

Become an AskCheyB Client: 5 years ago, I founded AskCheyB LLC to help people and organizations develop themselves personally and professionally. I accomplish this through Consulting, Leadership & Development Workshops, Seminars and Corporate Training. If you would like to schedule a call to discuss your organizational needs, please reach out to us at (646) 389-7145 or email

If you have any questions or comments about any of the services listed above, please leave a comment and someone will get back to you.

If you have an idea for a possible collaboration, I would love to hear from you. Please email and someone from my team will get back with you promptly. Thank you!

-Cheyenne Bostock

2 thoughts on “Book Cheyenne

  1. Why is when a man’s in a relationship he never really fully commits and doest make any effort. Doesnt give attention,affection nor time. But when things get heated because of his lack of effort he leaves the relationship on a bad note. Not hearing any thing from him a while & when the women gets heart broken and learns to adjust with out & try’s to move forward, the man seeks her out again and comes sleeps with her but not having the intentions of working things out. But never mentions this while coming back around until she say’s she still cares/loves him and wants work things out. Then he acts like a jerk and says thats not what he wants and seeing others & only wants her friendship. Leaving her devastated with a broken heart & hurt all over again!
    Then to find out weeks after, he ends up in a relationship with someone else and in that relationship, he is willing to say she makes him feel different, that he can be himself and free. And that he wants to marry her. And he is willing to let the new girlfriend answer his phone when the ex calls. And is willing to tell the ex off in front of the girlfriend. ,When he couldnt do that with his first girlfriend. Girlfriend 1 woukd ask the ex boyfriend what is the difference between her and the new girlfriend that he is willing to move so fast in a new relationship and wanting to marry her? But he doesnt answer and says “he cant discuss that it’s private.”

    1. Well mr chey b answer this.what if a woman is not getting enough loving at home which is not good.they don’t get along.but most times this woman is sexually turned on by a good looking black man on a movie/photos tv.what do you think it mean.I know it’s not right.but quite frankly I been fed up.

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