cropped-cbpic.jpgWhile living in a homeless shelter, Cheyenne Bostock discovered his life’s purpose and founded AskCheyB, LLC, a coaching firm that helps men and women find
their purpose and achieve their goals. After conquering the chaos in his own life and relationship, he decided to answer the calling of helping others turn their
break-downs into break-throughs.

Today, he is a father, Life & Relationship Expert, author and motivational speaker. Cheyenne uses social media daily to inspire global supporters to find their passion and purpose in life. More than 100,000 loyal supporters follow @AskCheyB online for daily tips and advice on self-improvement.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Chey B. How long have you been a relationship/life coach, what are your credentials for coaching? I’m curious because I did not see it on your blog yet. If it is on there than tell me where I can find it. Thanks!!

  2. Chey B tweet:
    Ladies: Your defense mechanism is only hurting your potential to meet new men! Play offense! Men have been shattering defenses for ages!!!

    ….. Mr. CheyB, how do we do
    This…. What’s the playbook secrets on playing the perfect offense? I’m seeking any training available because I’m tired of my quarterback getting sacked! 😦 lol

    LaShawn Jones

  3. God Bless You @AskCheyB,
    Your raw-honesty, insightful and refreshing perspective towards “Matters Of The Heart” has been a sought out and much needed knowledge of information for women. I feel it can empower women to make more educated choices when choosing boyfriends and husbands.
    Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Chey B,
    Short but packed with awesome current information, your new bio. I also like the previous bio…it gave a deeper insight on the struggles and success of the man. And how you’ve come full circle. This I feel was inspiring 2 all…Nevertheless, you are such a blessing Chey B 🙂
    Keep doing it big!!!

    Very Handsome picture 😉

  5. AskCheyB be ready for the truth as he empowers you to see things from a different perspective that you didn’t see before. He speaks the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Be inspired and ready to shift gears because his advice works! He is honest and passionate. Fasten your seat belt everybody and be ready to receive what CheyB has to say. I love you CheyB.

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