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61 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hey, thank you for all of your words of wisdom,, How it has helped me so much
    in so many ways.. there was one situation where some woman was asking for advise on a situation simular to mine and it hit home.. broke my heart to hear the truth but I believe Brutal honesty is the best policy and I needed to hear it… And realize that what I was doing and what his actions towards me meant.. Thanks again honey and keep posting things to women all over….

  2. Although I am not dating anyone (single by design) I enjoy reading Chey B’s blogs, quotes and,excerpts from his book. Because when I am ready to actually start dating I feel,that I will be better prepared and informed on how to go into a relationship, what to expect from that relationship and what signs I must look for in that man. So with that being said, I already read “Think like a man, act like a lady” so I’m looking forward to reading “Food, Sex and Peace of Mind.” It is always interesting to read a man’s perspective of a woman, dating, relationships etc… Hope I’m chosen!

    1. Hi Everyone,
      Please be sure to enroll in Cheyenne’s life coaching sessions. I just had my first free session and it was great! In 45 minutes I was able to develop a plan that will work for me to reach my goals. I am so motivated to reach them now! This will not be my last session for sure!

  3. I love the relationship wisdom. I would love to win a book to even share it with my lady friends n in my store. But if i dont ill still purchase it .its a must

  4. I have been following you for a about a year. Your insight is awesome, make me think a lot and analyze things. Having things come from a males perspective, having a man shed light on my issues with him knowing them, has been a divine experience. Please know that you are appreciated and valued.

  5. Ask Chey is a God send. This man is the truth. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, he’s very blunt and gets straight to the point. I have gained so much insight from this wise brutha. Not only has his relationship advice helped me, but this brutha gives out awesome parenting tips too. I’m so glad I crossed paths with Chey via Twitter 🙂

  6. You know my dad asked me when was the last time I was truly happy I said when I lived absolutely alone.

    So I finally moved out. That situation was making me sick inside and it was very unhealthy for me.

    Thanks Chey for setting me straight and on a positive path of future goals I really appreciate you and all you do for others keep up the great work. I read you book from front to back and I posted a few pic of other women who i passed the book…I wish and your family the best of luck…Your the best

  7. I gotta say that this man is truly awesome!!! His tweets speaks on so many levels, he speaks the truth!! He helped me come to the conclusion that the guy that I was talking to only wanted me for my virginity. I was blind at first but he posted “signs that he only wants sex” and all of them happened with me and him. Glad I didnt sleep with him. Thanks CheyB!!!

  8. Chey started to follow me on twitter tonight. Before I follow anyone I check them out. After reading the advice that he was giving women. I realized he has to be lead by God. My father gave me the same advice and it has worked for me.

  9. I rarely click on links in tweets and I have no clue as to how I started following @askcheyB on twitter. Needless to say, I am glad that I did. His tweets are always straightforward but this one day in particular I listened to an interview Chey B. had about his book. The interview was like listening in on a really good conversation. It was so good I took 3 pages of notes. Chey’s insight is practical and
    applicable. Most of what he says and tweets is confirmation of where I am or where I am going. From listening to interview and a peak into the book, it was/is a challenge to live life single by design

  10. Chey B is the real thing! Hes truth! Tells it like it is and is very inspirational. I truly believe he is a man that is grounded and has the ability to make you think twice about the decisions in every day relationships!

  11. CheyB Is, as far as I can see Giving you the low down, from HIS point of view! He holds nothing back, which is why I love his work! Surely there are some things I do NOT entirely agree with. Ladies if you’re ever offended by what he’s saying, then obviously there’s something you need to change about yourself! It has nothing to do with the author that wrote it! CheyB’s work can be humorous, empowering and give you an inside look to the thoughts of most men! I said most men now, don’t go grabbing your vaseline and razors for me ;-D. Seriously though, my point is, if you’re looking for realism, follow him, if you’re not ready for that, unfollow or don’t begin at all. Simple as that! I’m sure there are some awesome women in the world as there are men. We’d never know which is which, If there weren’t someone to tell us the low down dirty truth of “most men”. All in all, I’m grateful for the advice I do RECEIVE! Love and Happiness, Quornesha!

  12. I just want to say thank you for all of your encouraging words. I can’t count the amount of times I retweet you on Twitter everyday. Your advice has helped through a lot of dating situations not only for myself, but for others around me. I feel as though your tweets are gearing me up for a real relationship, when it rolls around. Thank you again.

  13. Mr. CheyB you are truely inspirational. I completely enjoy your authentic and informative wisdom. I have been following you for some time now. Not only are you knowledgeable you are attainable. Even in my mission to provide people an anvenue of meeting like-minded mates, your blogs, tweets, and quotes, keeps me grounded. Following you gives me confirmation to continue living out my dream while also giving me the accountability I need to lead by example. You are awsome!

  14. I love you blog and Tweets! You are an inspiration to women who are looking for advice on having a relationship of substance. I appreciate you spreading the truth, based in biblical foundation, regardless of who agrees or not!

  15. Wow! Insightful, intuitive, empowering CheyB is all of those things. His matter-of-fact style, straight to the point style of speech is clear and easy to understand. You will not get any beating around the bush and evasiveness with him. He is a natural at what he does and even injects a dose of humor too. he has a way of grasping mixed emotions and making them focused and simple. You can say he “takes the confusion out”

    This is a truly amazing man who has a strong desire to help women and men alike. His desire to help people prosper and grow is palpable. He is a true bridge builder and urban entrepreneur. This is what he loves to do and you can tell because he comes alive when he is doing it.

    If you need sound, honest compassionate and focused advice, then you should ask CheyB.

  16. Words of wisdom from you just inspire me and the way you convey your message just has a way of getting to me,thanks and please keep the good work,you are a blessing,hoping to work something out with you in the Ukraine.

  17. My life was already in transition. I am becoming a woman of grace. I am changing my life for the better. Then I stumbled upon Cheys twitter. Not sure if he followed me or I followed him. I’ve been reading his posts and tweets and its been opening my eyes more and more. I am very careful about the company I keep and the men I allow in my life. I value myself more and more as a lady more than I ever did before. I’d like to thank Chey for sharing his insight about women, and men. I also have a five year old son and I am learning to build a strong family foundation that is secured in Christ for him.

  18. I’m a young lady and I believe that knowledge is power. I follow CheyB on twitter and I’ve been enlightened ever since. He brings a sense of awareness to certain things that are supposed to be common sense but most of us bypass them. Though I don’t agree with everything he says, I have already placed a lot of the tips he gives into practice and I believe just as he was able to inspire me, I can use my new found knowledge to inspire others and also continue to and help others find insight through his tweets, blogs or posts.

  19. After listening to CheyB I feel so much better about myself. I will continue to value myself and remain a woman of substance even though I was with someone who almost drug me down with his cheating ways. I understand he doesn’t deserve me in the mental state he’s in now. He doesn’t value himself and has no standards, and until he does he’ll remain the same. CheyB thanks for the insight, keep doing what you do.

  20. Reading your tweets makes me realize things in my lifr…your words are inspiring.. Sometimes it feels like a slap on the face.. 🙂

  21. I want to thank you for your passion and the heart and soul you have put into your message. The story of your life truly inspires me and I do believe when the world says no, “Faith” says yes and we are capable of anything. You have taken life and passion and are using it to help others, which is a great way to give back to this world. Thank you for your knowledge and for following your dreams so that we can all benefit and learn. Keep up the great work and many blessings to you!

  22. I don’t even know why Chey decided to follow me on Twitter but I am glad he did otherwise I wouldn’t have come across his page.
    I am not in a relationship but very much appreciate the words he shares. I might not agree with everything but he has some good info to share. Helps me understand a little of how some guys think.
    To me it feels like having an older brother looking out for me and I appreciate that.

  23. Chet B is a man I can trust. I value his insight. I am finally in a place where I can be in a healthy relationship due to his advice!

  24. I think that you are remarkably talented and your posts on twitter are inspirational. They inspire me to want to do better by implementing positive changes in my life on a daily basis. I truly appreciate all that you do. You ROCK!!!

  25. I just brought your book, so pleased I did…..however I always read your twitter messagse and I take them to heart. I’m so please that you have given me and other women the tools we need when it comes to dating a man and to top it off our phone conversation just proved that as well. Women have always wanted to know what men think in their world and your the go-to guy……..your like my lil black book. I know my worth, I will not settle. Today I have this really large coke bottle smile because I’m pleased I made the right choice in my date last night. So ladies, please go get the book, if your not able to, please read his twitter messages and whats on his website; is has sooooo much information that you, your best friend, sister, cousin must know. Thanks Chey.

  26. Thank you sooo much for your advice today.I really appreciate the time you took out to speak with me today. Chey You are a huge helper! you have opened my eyes to some new things. Im so pleased to have a friend like you to call on for advice. I would recommend all women to contact you when they need advice on relationships.I just purchased your book and i will promote it to everyone I know! Keep up the good work ! I will always support you. You are truly blessed. Im proud of you continue being successful in all that you do. 🙂

  27. I just followed u on twitter n facebook.. Your wisdom inspires me.. Too bad I can’t find your book in any stores in my town..would love to read it..

  28. I really need advice, but I’m kind of hoping for an online thing and like free advice? Because I’m seriously losing it right now, and I just need someone (an expert) to help me. I have symptoms of depression and it’s because of a guy. And everything in my life. I feel worthless because of the countless rejection from family and friends. And when this guy did this, I just, I couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t see a doctor cause my parents will find out and they couldn’t. They really couldn’t. Please help me.

  29. @AskCheyB has been so inspiring through his tweet. He heal me from my hurts, made me realise whom I am and I got to discover a lot of mistake I made due to ignorant.. He is such an awesome coach.. Its amazing following you….

  30. I have been reading your advice for almost 1year. I’m blessed to say that I’ve been rebuilding a healthy relationship with my boyfriend that doesn’t include sex. We are 4 months strong, we have set boundaries, respect each others values and god is included in every aspect of our life. We see each other as equal and where one falls the other picks up. This is the way a healthy relationship should be. I have been knowing him since we were 8yrs old and we both come from good families that know each other very well. Looking forward to continuing to develop a grounded, healthy relationship with substance. Thanks Chey B for helping make this possible…Blessings to you!

  31. I have been with my bf for about 7yrs we’ve had alot of mini break ups and made ups. The last mini break up we had lasted approx. 1 wk. We made up back ,about 2 wks in the relationship he told me he slept with someone and now she’s pregnant. It really HURT me:(. He told me it was mistake and regrets it can i forgive him n can we move forward i however did forgive him. Now am between a rock and a hard place

    1. I just wanted to say , I had the same thing happen to me and it happened about 7 years into a relationship also. It is hard to explain to anyone how much that hurts . I’m sorry you had to experience that. I will say a prayer for you and CheyB should have some good advice too. Take care honey.

  32. I was impressed with Chey B’s ability to hear my story and help me to focus right away on a plan to start making changes, I felt like he really listened and understood, and had a perspective that helped me to see new possibilities.

  33. Chey B is a man of wisdom, knowledge and integrity. We talked today and he truly blessed me and gave me the tough love I needed. I knew what I needed all along but he put it in perspective FOR REAL! Today is a new day and I’m going to do things differently now. I encourage you ladies to experience the wisdom of Chey B soon! blessings to you man of God and continue to be a blessing to others.

    Xoxo on my way to a better me,

  34. For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” Nelson Mandela. Like CheyB he has offered me freedom of the mind and soul,I’m wiser now and content with what I have and where I am at the moment in my life,you have helped me #realise my worth,I’ve learned how to appreciate myself and the people in my life and anything that adds value into my life.

    A wise man said “allow God to empower you with wisdom and you’ll be richer than any men” CheyB has been blessed with that Gift of wisdom and God gave him without reproach,he has a #beautifull mind and soul.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift world wide,its changing lives and minds. #greatfull:-)

  35. Cheyenne Bostock helpled me through his many tweets and I came to the realization that sex is reserved only for marriage am almost 20 years old and people my age are losing their virginity left,right and centre. To all the young girls out there don’t cave into peer pressure. Preserve yourself and the right man will come around. Honestly you would rather be a RANGER ROVER THAN A TOYOTA! x

  36. Hi chey! I just want to thank you, you’re tweets have truly helped me a lot. I was talking to a guy that I met on facebook for over a year and I really thought that he was the one. He seemed so real and down to earth plus he talked about God alot. I’ve had verbal conversations with him over the phone and skype. After while when I started following and reading your tweets and then I noticed some red flags about him but I didn’t want to believe it until I got a wake up call today and found out somethings about him. I found out that he has a girlfriend and he talks to several other women. I was so hurt and heart broken plus I have been going through a divorce and my ex cheated on me so I cant bare to deal with that all over again. I said all that to say thank you so much for speaking/sharing the truth I should have known better this is definitely a lesson learned.

  37. I am a 43 yr old single mother and grandmother. I was married in Dec 91 an divorced in Jan 96 . It definitely wasn’t the marriage I dreamed of having. The experience left me with a lot of baggage (low self-esteem, very insecure, not being able to trust,etc…). Sista girl was messed up!!! I had to allow God to do a makeover on me. Its 2013 and I am still single. Not because I can’t get anybody, but because I don’t want just anybody. I deserve the best hehas to offer and he deserves the best that Ihave to offer. I am not perfect and there are some area that need fine tuning. I said all of that to say that, I am grateful for Chey B and his words of wisdom!!! He has been an inspiration. He says the right things at the right time. His post and comments have changed my way of thinking about myself and about men. They compel me to put me in check and most importantly they give me hope!!! Thank you Chey B!!!

  38. This past June 2013 my relationship that I thought was heaven sent ended suddenly without warning. Leaving me feeling very confused, frustrated and looking for closure. I started following CheyB on twitter in August. I quickly became a huge fan of his advised. But it wasn’t til recenly I saw his youtube channel. While watching “H**e’s not winning” I had what I discribe as a “CheyB me moment”( Cheyblessed me moment) When he said a man needs to be spritually, emotionally and financially stable. The light bulb went off and it all made sense why my relationship ended. As I watched that video it felt as if CheyB was talking directly to me. I love how he can connect with you without even knowing you personally. He speaks to your discernment, your gut. He speaks to you like a regular guy. A guy with intent to show what we sometimes can’t see because of scales over our eyes. Thank You CheyB for my closure, my CheyB me moment and living your purpose so others can notice their self-worth.

  39. I won’t speak on the relationship I was in when I discovered @askcheyb, but if God sees fit for me to be found again….. It will be amazing. I now have a glimpse into the way a man truly sees women and have been led to look deeper into the way I present myself as a great woman.

  40. CheyB You ROCK! Thank you for putting me on the right path to achieve my dreams & goals! I felt very comfortable talking with you…it felt as I known you all my life;) Thank You again for the inspiration.

  41. Chey, knows business too. I met with CheyB and I went away with 4 concrete things I could take action on. First session great. I’m looking forward to future sessions.

  42. CheyB, thanks your your coaching. This session, as I mentioned, exceeded my expectations. I appreciate your insight and motivation. You have allowed me to see achieving my goals from a new perspective when I really thought I had it figured out! Thanks a million!

  43. The session I had with CheyB today was everything I needed to become “unstuck” in neutral. I enjoyed his insight, inspiration, encouragement and resources to get to the next level. I encourage everyone to get a good life Coach that can help in life and business. Its refreshing to know you can meet someone that you just meet and leave the session feeling like FAMILY. #TeamCHeyB 🙂 Blessings!

  44. In continuation to the above testimonial….Sometimes its good to hear advice from others that don’t judge and keep it real. However, with family and friends they kind of tell you what you want to hear OR they just plain tear you down. Its good to hire a Life Coach that will tell you …”Yes when it should be Yes” & “No when it should be NO” – Check him out today and thank me later 🙂 xoxo

  45. I thank Cheyenne Bostock for the coaching session. He gave numerous of great suggestions, which were more than I written down. He spoke eloquently, that is unmatched with what I wrote. He is a true professional and lover of people that will coach you to live your greatest potential.

  46. I was able to speak to Chey today and WOW! He understood right away what my goals were for myself! I am feeling more confident and ready to start out with more confidence. Thank you Chey!

  47. I recently had a coaching session with Chey and I must say that his ability to take your vision and expand it even further is a blessing and encouraging to say the least. Thank you Chey and I look forward to working with you soon.

  48. I initially encountered Cheyenne on various social media outlets. I found his posts enlightening and inspirational. Cheyenne is very professional yet personable and demonstrates a genuine interest when interacting with clients. Cheyenne provides truthful insight that is a valuable asset when navigating life’s challenges and developing a successful life plan.

  49. Thank you for your Advice on “Free Advice Wednesdays”. I really needed that! I can show you better then tell you what would be my New Way Of Living: When it comes to my Personal Life & In Business. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!! Keep up the Good Advice. God Bless You & Your Endeavors.

  50. Thank you so much for the coaching session. I have so much insight on how I can achieve my goals. I pray that God bless you work even further!!!! Thanks for helping me and other achieve our biggest dreams!!!!

  51. I’m not sure when or how I’m came across AskCheyB.. But I’m grateful. I’ve read many relationship books. I’ve tried to have honest conversations with males about relationships to no avail. I read Food, Sex, and Peace of mind and it allowed me to be more reflective and careful of my own actions. It was a great reminder of things that I was already aware, but as I mature in knowing myself, what I want out of life, and my relationships it was insightful. I also have experienced his coaching.. I’ve also tried other coaches who were abrasive and had tunnel vision with their coaching. I appreciate his professional yet relatable approach. I recommend the book to my friends who are “ready” for a relationship as well as his coaching concerning my relationship. God bless you in your endeavors as well as helping me to become a better person as I am preparing myself for marriage.

  52. I called into ” free advice Wednesdays” , and I thought I missed the timeline being in California……..I was happy to hear back from Chey B!!!!! 🙂 I have been designing clothing for quite some time with no success to be able to support myself full time, so I stayed employed. Well, this job allowed me to rediscover another Talent I completely forgot I possessed which has led me to ANOTHER career change and I was very frightened to answer this calling until I spoke to Chey B. Of course you have people who may give you bits and pieces of advice, but it was missing the practical steps I needed to actually turn this into an actual business making money from home. Chey B gave me the glue I was missing to get started. I am so thankful to him because he ACTUALLY cleared the Cobb webs that was literally stopping me in my tracks from moving forward. Thank you for your advice, & I promise when my finances align up, I WILL INVEST in sessions. I believe that whatever your gift may be, in order to flourish in this gift, I MUST free up my time to fully give 210% to my new career. I will post my progress and keep you informed. Thanks again Chey B! =0)

  53. I called free advice wednesday and heard a voice of reason today. Chey B is the first person to hear one of the most embarrassing and mentally self destructive issues that I am dealing with in my life. After clearing my throat and hearing myself say exactly what is holding me back in life put my confidence into perspective and allowed me to realize that compromising my life and the level of happiness I feel i deserve is not going to get me where I want to be. More than anything Chey B gave me peace of mind today and Ive needed that for over a year. I wish I could talk to him daily to rise my spirits and push through my trials but for now I’m going to hold onto the conversation I had with him today and I would strongly suggest and recommend ladies and gentlemen to call on Free Advice Wednesday.

  54. The one on one advice session I had with Chey B was extremely informative for me. How refreshing it is to hear a male’s perspective on things. He did not hold back the honest raw truth that I needed to hear and give precise advise on the changes I need to make in my life to attract the type of man I want in my life. “A man needs to be able to see your heart, not your body, he can get body/sex from anywhere. Demonstrate that you are a woman of substance, that you can manage money, manage a business, be submissive, rear children, take care of a household and will be a lady that won’t be easy for any man to get.” I love Chey B’s words of wisdom and I recommend to everyone to contact him for a session, it will change your life.

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