#ManDayBlog “A Woman Wants To Be Friends First!”

Good friends are hard to find, and that’s exactly what makes friendship with a woman so special. Throughout your life you will encounter many different women who are amazing for all sorts of reasons, but your friends will be few. A friendship with a woman is sacred because of the intricate details that go into why you are connected in the first place. Before you can unlock the door to a woman’s body, you must first unlock the door to her heart, and you’ll achieve this through friendship.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not sitting in no woman’s friend zone” and I’m with you on that. I assure you that you won’t have to sit in a woman’s friend zone, or waste your time giving your all to a woman who gives you nothing in return. What I’m about to reveal is one of the staples that are missing from many failed relationships. Often times we are so eager to pursue our physical connection instead of first focusing on a spiritual connection. Our goals are short-term which is why we as men often struggle with maintaining long-lasting relationships.

In order for you to be a great friend to someone, simply put, you have to have some sort of value. If a woman of substance sees value in you, she will likely want to associate with you on some level or another. If she sees no value in you, she won’t entertain the thought of building any kind of relationship with you. By value, I don’t simply mean monetarily because “spending power” attracts all women. By value I mean that there is something deep inside of you beyond the surface that makes its way above the surface and manifests itself to everyone around you.

When we hear the word friendship we sometimes think “platonic” and that’s not where I’m going with this. When I say friendship, I mean that you are connected to a woman for reasons that pertain to the heart. It means that there is a mutual respect for one another and there is also the possibility for growth. When you are apart, you figure out more and more ways to come together. You see value in her thoughts, her time and her resources and the feelings are the same.

A friendship is an outer body experience that will take your relationship to the next level. It is the foundation to a happy, healthy, longer-lasting relationship. Isn’t it strange how after a break-up some like to say, “We will forever remain friends”? If the friendship were true from the beginning, the relationship would have no end. Claiming to somehow miraculously manage to be friends after a break-up is merely a sign that one or both parties can’t let go. Real friends take the time to understand each other, and will do whatever is necessary to maintain the relationship. A break-up is a sign that the moral fibers that are found in a true friendship weren’t there.

Take a look around a construction site and the first thing you see is men laying down a foundation. Why are they doing this? They’re doing this because they understand that the foundation is the key to the entire development. In years to come when you see that the building is still standing, and there will be an even greater appreciation for the foundation that was laid down year’s prior. It’s an investment that needed to be made; skipping over this process would sabotage the entire development, as the building will have nothing left to stand on. Building on that particular spot at that particular time wasn’t by accident, they had a plan that was carried out through a wide array of partnerships.

Your relationship is the equivalent of a building development and a friendship is the foundation. Until you take the time to dig below the surface and do the necessary work on the ground level, you’ll stunt the growth of your relationship. By introducing the idea of friendship, you’ll open up the door for valuable insight that will help you move forward and up with your partner. If you skip over this process, you may miss this opportunity to even get started on a development.

First, a woman wants to know that you can be trusted information. This is a very simple test that any man can pass; simply make yourself available to her by listening and offering sound advice. Once a woman feels comfortable sharing information with you, she will constantly pour into you. Be genuine and sincere and she will invite you into her life. Show compassion and concern and you’ll become a go-to source for her to express her innermost thoughts and feelings.

Then, a woman will want to know that you value her time. If you’ve made plans with a woman, be sure to be on time, and if you cannot make it, let her know in advance. Being considerate of a woman’s time will keep you in a woman’s favor and will gain her respect. Canceling on a woman or showing up late will have the opposite effect and will cause her to lose faith in you as a suitable friend. A true friend in a woman’s eyes is always available, accessible and dependable.

In a friendship, a woman wants to know that you truly care about her as a person. Your attitude towards her will reveal everything she needs to know about the friendship. When it comes to a commitment, you should pursue a woman that you love and can tolerate. If you’re her friend, a woman will look to you to do both. If you can’t make it through a friendship, there’s no way you’ll last in a marriage.

Ultimately, that’s what building a friendship is all about; building something that will last forever. Once you become married, there won’t be any room for any other friendships with women, because remember, “Friendship is the key to romance”. All the time you’ve invested building a friendship with your lady was in hopes that it would lead to romance. Now that you’ve got her, she is your one and only female friend. To avoid conflict in your relationship, leave all off the other woman who are looking to build a friendship with you on the outside looking in.

If you need a woman to listen to your problems, turn to your lady. If you need a woman to do you favors, turn to your lady. If you need a woman to escort you to an event, turn to your lady. If you’re looking to go into business with a woman, turn to your lady. If you can’t turn to your lady for any and all of these things listed above, chances are you’ve chosen the wrong lady.

Since friendship is the key to romance, you cannot to allow another friendship with a woman to transpire once you already have one. Women are territorial and rightfully so; they don’t like the idea of sharing any aspect of their man with another woman. That includes your mind, body, time and resources; she wants you to remain exclusive with all of the above. The only person who should have access to these things is the woman who earned it; the woman you’re committed to. It is impossible to be loyal to two women at one time, and women are smart enough to know when another woman has her heart set on more than friendship because friendship was the route she took to get you.

A friendship is a test that a woman puts a man through before she rewards him with anything more. This gives her time to figure out who you are as a person, and how you’ll fit into her life. She’ll get close enough to see how attached you are to other women, the type of women who have your attention, and how emotionally available you are to receive her. Through getting to know you, you will reveal all she needs to know about your character, and whether or not she wants you to play a role in her life. In friendship, there is no commitment, however there is loyalty, which she will give you the opportunity to prove.

To be a true friend to a woman requires a great deal of loyalty, as it will demand your undivided attention. Women are notorious for paying close attention to detail, and they notice when you aren’t noticing them. She will know when your mind is divided between her and another woman because your time, energy, effort and resources will be scarce. By focusing your energy on coming up with new ideas to enhance your friendship with a woman, you’ll manage to stay relevant. Go the extra mile to add value to that friendship and you’ll eliminate the competitors.

It’s common for a man to pursue a woman for her body and overlook her mind, but that yields only a short-term victory. Use friendship as the foundation and you will tremendous value added to the quality of your relationship. With friendship comes true love, respect and honor and these things come in time. Take as much time as you need to develop the friendship, lay down the foundation and build on it. Friendship is the key to romance!


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