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If you haven’t noticed already, a woman of substance likes to take her time when it comes to being intimate with a man. She doesn’t like to feel rushed, forced or uncomfortable when it’s time to having sexual relations with a man. For a woman, the physical stimulation is merely a bonus that comes with the mental stimulation that initially gets her in the mood. They say “it’s the thought that counts” and it’s absolutely true! A woman wants her imagination to run wild thinking of all the things you could possibly do with one another before they actually happen.

More importantly, a woman wants to feel valued and appreciated beyond her physical appearance. She wants to know that you are ready, willing and able to invest your time, energy, effort and money into her outside of the bedroom. By showing her your appreciation through actions and in words, a woman will be more likely to open herself up to you physically and emotionally. The average woman has no problem getting a man to sleep with her, all she has to do is name the time and place. What a woman of substance truly desires is for a man to love her.

Loving a woman is what will differentiate you from the average guy. The average looks to come into a woman’s life, takes what he wants and then leaves. A man who is genuinely in love with a woman will not only have value, but he’ll see value in her and then finally he’ll add value to her. That’s the definition of a good man. When she sees that you’re different from the bad boys, she will want to do everything in her power to hold onto you. Getting a woman to be intimate isn’t difficult, all you have to do is show her that you truly love her.

Women love to feel special! They want to feel as if they’re the only girl in the world; above your mother, sister, daughter, female friends, co-workers and anyone else imaginable. And rightfully so; if this is your partner, she should without a doubt come first before any other woman, even mom! Have a talk with your father and he’ll tell you that you should put your woman first before any others. When you treat a woman like she’s your first lady, she’ll treat you like you’re her best man.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to make your lady feel special because a woman will find a way to get the attention she needs. If she’s not getting it from home, you can rest assured that it will be only a matter of time before she gets it someplace else. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that everything is alright simply because a woman is no longer stressing the issue. When a woman stops caring, that’s an indication that she’s already moved on. A woman will leave you emotionally long before she leaves you physically. You might still see her, but you will no longer have her!

When it comes to romance you must think beyond sex. The most powerful tool you have as a man is your mind. Your mind controls every other aspect of your body and has the power to influence the actions of others. Show a woman your creativity and it will remind her of who she is to you and how you feel about her. Every time she gets this reminder, it will motivate and inspire her to live up to her position. Give it a try, walk up to your woman and tell her “You are my Queen”. It will have a great impact on her character, the company she keeps and the way she reciprocates her love to you.

Romance to a woman is about showing love, affection and compassion. Think back to when you were a child running wild at the park; it wasn’t enough that your parents brought you there, you wanted them to look at you and pay attention to whatever it is that you were doing. It was important to you to hear your parents say the words “Good job” or “Woah, that was cool”. It boosted your confidence and your esteem because they made you feel appreciated. Sure, they would’ve loved to talk to one another, engage with other parents or read a newspaper, but they cared so much about your well being that they made a conscious effort to take the time to validate you.

Believe it or not, women want the same special attention, love and affection that a child yearns from their parents. They want to hear you say “Dinner was excellent”, “You look great”, “I’m proud of you and all of your accomplishments”. Why? Because it makes them feel good inside. It affirms that you see value in them, you are supportive of them and you are they are significant to you. It shows her that you are paying attention to details and that you are actively involved in their lives.

Paying attention to the little things is what will open up a lot of doors for bigger things. For example, when a woman gets her hair done, give her a compliment, but this time go into detail. “Wow, babe your hair looks great. I love it when you wear your hair curly“. By doing this, you’re showing her that you noticed that her hair is different from before and also that you like her choice of style. This will motivate her to continue to maintain her appearance and further value your opinion.

I’ll even do you one better, arrange for a day for your lady to go and get her hair done (all expense paid). Not only will she be grateful for the special treatment and return looking and feeling like a million bucks, but she’ll rush back home to get your approval. All the while she’ll be at the salon bragging to her friends about how wonderful and thoughtful you are. While she’s at the salon, take care of the home, cook, clean and have a nice bubble bath waiting for her. She’ll be so swept away, she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you at the end of the night.

Now lets do a recap of what just happened. You took the time to schedule a hair appointment for the woman you love and got to benefit from having a fabulous looking woman by your side. You made time to clean the home you live in and cook a meal for your lady that you also get to enjoy. You ran a bubble bath for your woman and more than likely will get invited in. And finally, your woman is looking good, feeling good, smelling good and if you’ve played your cards right tasting good. It looks like being romantic has great benefits after all.

With only a small fraction of your time, you’ve been able to successfully finagle a way to do something that benefited someone else and is a result of your selflessness, it also benefited you. When it comes to dealing with a woman, that’s what being romantic is all about. Every woman loves to have sex, but she doesn’t want to have sex with a woman she feels is undeserving of it. Imagine your woman is a figure inside of a thick, cold block of ice. The woman will always be there, you simply have to warm her up to you.

Most men want to jump straight to the sex without any foreplay whatsoever, and that’s not the way women operate. A woman wants to be softly caressed, kissed, held and handled with care. This is why they call it a “gentle man”. As opposed to your usual rough and tough routine that you would engage in with your male counter-parts or people you don’t care about, a woman wants you to be gentle. Take your time, do it right and once a woman has completely warmed up to you, she’ll give you the green light to accelerate at anytime and anyplace.

Understanding the psychology of a woman is the key here. If you can’t tap into your sensitive side, you’ll have trouble keeping a woman by your side. A woman wants a man who is tough enough to protect her, be gentle enough to care for her. She likes to see the softer side of her man behind closed doors, and strong leadership skills everywhere else. A common mistake that many men make once they get the girl is they stop competing for her love and affection. It takes a lot to keep a woman in your life, but it only takes a little to lose her.

Maintaining a relationship requires you to constantly be proactive and stay relevant. No matter how many years you’ve been together, it’s in your best interest to make certain never to let the relationship get stale. There are plenty of things two people in a relationship can do to keep the fire going, and it’s up to you to lead the way. Your passion and your desire to keep your woman happy is what will be the fuel that keeps your relationship going. Happy wife, happy life!

Keeping a woman happy isn’t about spending tons of money or lots of time wooing her to no end. Women are more simple than you think; it’s not that they require a lot, they simply want you to be consistent. It’s no wonder she’s bored. For the first few years of the relationship, every other Saturday night was date night. 5 years in, she’s lucky if you’re even around on Saturday night. That’s no way to keep a woman happy. If you bring something to the table, the only way you should take it away is if you’re offering something better. If you simply take away the excitement with no counter-offer, she’s going to be constantly looking to try to get that old thing back.

Being romantic is as simple as doing the things you know she loves. For example, women love to be kissed on the forehead and held tightly. It reminds them of a love they have, had, or wish they had with their father. It’s non-sexual, comforting and it gives them a greater sense of security. It doesn’t cost you anything more than your time to hold your woman tight, kiss her on the forehead and tell her you love her. It won’t cost you a fortune to schedule a spa day for your lady and take her out to dinner.

The actual planning process itself turns a woman on. Women love surprises and will greatly appreciative of an unsuspecting adventure orchestrated by her man. A woman loves a man with a plan, it shows his ability to lead, it shows that he cares and it shows that he is confident in himself and his abilities. All of these matter to a woman. A woman loves a man is always busy taking care of his business, but is never too busy for her.

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  1. ”A woman wants a man who is tough enough to protect her, be gentle enough to care for her. She likes to see the softer side of her man behind closed doors, and strong leadership skills everywhere else” Now that is the truth, very nice

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