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Us men can be very simple; all we want is food, sex and peace of mind. The world is cold and hard towards men, so when we get home, we just want to cater to ourselves or be catered to. We enjoy doing absolutely nothing until it’s time to do something. We can literally go to work, come home to eat, watch TV, have sex and go to sleep every day for the rest of our lives with absolutely no complaints. Sounds like a great life doesn’t it? There’s only one problem, you forget about your lady!

Women and children have a lot in common, so when you’re in a relationship, try to imagine yourself taking care of a child. A child won’t want to stay in the house all day, they want to go outside to see the world and the wonderful people in it. And they won’t just want to go to the same old park; they’ll want to try new things like Disney land, the zoo, a museum or aquarium. They get bored very easily and look to their provider for entertainment and excitement. Neglect a child who is seeking your attention and it will only be a matter of time before they seek and find it elsewhere.

Women are the same way; they don’t want to be in the house watching TV, feeding you and having sex all day and every day. They want to go out and explore the world and the wonderful people in it. They want to go and see latest movie, the most popular Broadway show, or travel to a different part of the world. They want to go out and do things and not just sit idle in the house. Being a couch potato might be fun for you, and might initially be fun for her, but over time she will want more from you.

Being in a relationship is an investment, and the return you will gain from catering to your lady will prove to be priceless if done properly. The first step to a good investment is to spend your time getting to know someone that you genuinely care about. Dating will feel like a burden to you if you aren’t in love with the person you’re on the date with. You’ll start to count every minute and every penny because you don’t feel you’re getting back what you feel your time and money is worth. Investing in someone you love will not only change your attitude towards your time and money, but also towards her.

If you don’t see a woman in your future, chances are she doesn’t belong in your life right now. Your time is too valuable to spend it on a woman who isn’t adding value to your life. So spare yourself the wasted time, energy, effort and money and invest more into yourself until you’ve found the one. This will give you time to date yourself which will require you to spend time and money. You’ll gain a new appreciation for the art of dating when you understand the cost associated with it.

If you factor in the cost for you alone to travel, have one drink and have one meal, and then include the time associated, you can double that when incorporating a woman. A woman will look to you to be the provider, that means paying for everything. Don’t feel bad, men are simple remember? In exchange, we get to have our simple desires fulfilled in the long run. A date is simply an opportunity to entertain the lady you are in a relationship with or at see as potential. This is your opportunity to show your leadership skills, passion and creativity.

One thing I love about women of substance is their creative minds; they always look to do more, see more and have more. As a man, that motivates me and inspires me to work harder to meet that standard. For men, everything is black and white, cut and dry, but with women of substance there is color and/or a gray area. A woman of substance will get you off of the couch, out into the world going to new places, meeting new people and doing new things. It’s healthy to be in a relationship that inspires constant growth and movement into more promising directions.

People grow apart in relationships in part because there’s no passion, there’s no excitement and quite frankly they’re bored! In the beginning of the relationship, there was great conversation, date nights, traveling, etc. Now that you’ve got the girl, all of those things slowly but surely disappeared. A lady doesn’t require much when it comes to dating; all she really requires is consistency. Understanding what a woman of substance requires of a man will help you to prepare your investment portfolio psychologically, emotionally and financially.

It might save you time, energy, effort and money to never go anywhere or do anything, but that doesn’t do much for your lady. Now there’s nothing wrong with just having movie night at home, cooking dinner or just hanging out, but their needs to be some time of balance. Otherwise, she’ll end up finding something to do without you, or worst she’ll find something to do with another man. And that’s the part you need to realize; women love the idea of companionship and will acquire it at any costs. If you want invest the time, energy, effort and money, there’s always a man patiently waiting around who will. These men are commonly known as “male friends”; their role is to be there for your lady especially during those times when there’s trouble at home.

The key then is to keep your lady entertained. Use your leadership skills and creativity to figure out a way to make it last forever. Not only will you feel better about yourself as a man for being able to sustain your position, but your lady will respect you all the more for it. Most men who are on the outside looking in will try their best to figure out a way into your woman’s life, and entertainment will be amongst their first proposals. If the men on the outside can understand this about your woman, then you should be an expert at understanding your woman because you’re the one who’s with her.

And don’t think that because a woman doesn’t speak up that she doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything, she’s not speaking up because she’s probably already checked out. She no longer looks at you as her source of entertainment as has found a better way to enjoy life. This can all be avoided simply by paying attention to her needs and catering to them. Taking your lady out has to be a regular thing; it doesn’t have to be every night, but it should certainly happen at least once out of the week.

On Sunday, you can take her to church and then afterwards, grab some ice cream and go for a walk in the park and talk about the things that are important to you both. When you have a woman of substance, it’s not always about the dollar being spent, but rather the time that’s being invested. She’s aware that men value both their time and their money, so she’s paying close attention to how willing you are to invest both. What matters most to her is your attitude towards her when it comes to spending time together. She wants to have a close relationship and constantly looking for new ways to improve it together.

On Monday, you can surprise her at work; convince her to take a quick lunch break so that you can have a quick chat. Prepare a special home cooked meal that she loves and share it with her. Find a spot in the lobby for all of her co-workers to see or a bench outside where you both can get some fresh air. It’s a very small gesture but it would mean the world to your lady because it shows that you care enough about her to make time for her. A woman loves it when her man is always busy taking care of his business, but never too busy for her.

You’re only out of options once you’ve stopped thinking. And when you care about the happiness of your significant other, you never stop thinking of ways to improve the quality of your relationship. Women of substance respect leadership, and will follow you anyplace that motivates and inspires her to be in a relationship with you. It doesn’t have to be any place fancy, all she wants is for you to focus your energy on figuring out a way to make her feel special. The thought alone is enough to give her hope and that’s all she’s asking for.

The best part about taking your lady out on a date is she will want to somehow return the favor. She appreciates the time, energy, effort and money you’ve invested in her and she will want to give you a return on your investment. You want to keep your lady interested, and the best way to do that is by showing interest in her. You give a little to get a little. At the end of the day, both parties are happy, satisfied and optimistic about tomorrow.

If you choose the right woman, she will make the best of your time, help you grow your money and give you peace of mind. Challenge yourself to be creative, compassionate, and most of all interested in your lady’s special requests. Investing in her will give you great pleasure because she has proven herself worthy and is a valuable asset to your life. It pays to keep the person who brings you happiness satisfied, and is a worthy investment hands down. Take pride in the relationship you have, never grow complacent, and constantly find new ways to keep your lady entertained.

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