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Women love to experience new things; their minds are filled with imagination, and they love the idea of having an adventure. Sure, they could do it all by themselves or with their girls, but come, she wants to spend time with you. The more creative you are with your adventures, the more she will look forward to experiencing them with you. The idea of you making plans, setting aside time and using your resources to make something happen will be all you need to brighten her day. Women get tired of the same old same old so switch it up every now and again.

One of the most common complaints that women have with men as that we are too simple, boring or that chivalry is dead. Now fellas, I’m the first to admit that I just want to chill and relax 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But with a 6-year-old child, that’s simply not possible. When there’s snow, he wants to build a snowman, make snow angels, or have a snowball fight. To him, it means the world, so of course I’m going to do it; it doesn’t cost me anything by time, and it makes him happy, so in the end it’s all worth it.

Guess what? Your lady would enjoy that experience in the snow just as much! Go ahead and ask her to join you outside, help you make a snowman, and make snow angels. Bring your camera, take fun pictures, and in the end have a fun snowball fight. It doesn’t end there, when you get inside, you’ll both be freezing, which is just in time for a hot cup of cocoa while watching a movie and relaxing. What started out a spontaneous adventure in the snow has now ending in the warm arms of your lady. #WinWin

Sometimes that’s exactly what it takes to keep the fire going in your relationship. All you have to do is come up with an idea that will put a smile on your lady’s face and keep it there. If you’ve got a video recorder, video tape the moments, creative a nice video with pictures, music and sound, and give it to her as a birthday or Christmas gift. This thoughtful gesture will prove to be more valuable to her than any store bought item simply because of the love that went into creating it. By being creative, you are showing her that you feel she is worth putting forth time, energy and effort in addition to money.

Above anything else, a woman of substance admires a man with brainpower. She’s not impressed with how much money you have or any other material thing, what matters to her is your willingness to continue making her happy. In order for you to keep a woman happy, you have to consistently be able to provide entertainment. That’s all a woman wants is to be loved, protected, provided for and entertained on a consistent basis. If you can manage to focus on those four things, you will never run out of ways to keep her attention.

Being in a relationship is a job, and just like any other job, you can risk your position at the company by failing to deliver. Women get bored very easily and won’t hesitate to seek entertainment elsewhere. To avoid this happening to you, make yourself indispensable by being a go-to source for entertainment. That by no means insists that you should go broke trying to keep a woman’s attention. In fact, we’re not even talking about random women here; we’re talking about your woman or someone you see as potential.

You’re in full control and can take this in whichever direction you want to, your lady will follow your lead. Being creative doesn’t have to involve a lot of money and it doesn’t have to require a lot of time, all you really need is a love of love. Find something that you’re passionate about or something that she’s passion about and make an evening of it. I love to eat, and I also love to cook, and this makes for a great way to spark up good conversation, showcase my culinary skills, and also teach a thing or two. Not to mention, enjoying a delicious meal together afterwards.

Playing basketball is also something I love to do, so for me, taking my lady out on the court, teaching her the game is a way that I can show her that I’m interested in spending quality time together. We would pack a couple of water bottles, some fruit, snacks and a sandwich and spend a day outdoors together. If I leave it up to your lady, playing basketball with you would probably be the last thing on her mind, but it’s up to you as the man to take the lead, be creative and show her a good time. Plainly put, if you don’t figure out a way to be creative, you will soon find yourself broke, alone or miserable. There’s no real value in being with a woman who only wants you for your money, nor is there any real value in being with a woman who doesn’t inspire you to do creative things for her.

You’ll know you’re in love with a woman when you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy. A red flag that she’s not the one is when you view doing nice things for her as a chore. Of course you won’t access the creative side of your brain if you yourself feels she isn’t worth it. If she’s not worth giving your best, than you’re wasting each other’s time. If she is worth it, prove it by tapping into your creative side and reminding her of why she chose you.

Just imagine meeting a woman who was the most amazing woman you’ve ever encountered. She gives great hugs, great kisses, great conversation and cooks great meals, and she’s great everywhere else imaginable. She’s constantly inviting you to holiday parties, family gatherings, fun outings, or nights in and every experience is awesome. You’ve never had a woman like this before and you’re happy to have her in your life, and then all of a sudden, it all stops. There’s no more invitations, no more special dinners, no more fun because she figured “I’ve got him now, no use wasting my time being creative anymore”.

Or worst, imagine if she stopped doing all of those wonderful things you liked behind closed doors. See now, Houston we have a problem. Well that’s how women feel about the fun and excitement going out of the relationship. They simply want to know that you still view them as your best friend and are interested in sharing your world with them. In fact, let this be a tool that you continue to use throughout the duration of your relationship. You can fix any aspect of your broken relationship with a little bit of creativity.

Once you stop being creative, a woman will start to feel neglected and underappreciated. Sometimes when we get set in a routine, we forget to forget about the routine and enjoy life. We neglect our partners because we sometimes get so caught up in our own personal interests that we forget that we’re in this together. You can’t do movie night at home because you’re trying to finalize something for work. You have to take a rain check on making her favorite dish for dinner because you didn’t take the time to get the ingredients from the grocery store.

Being creative requires you to keep in mind the people who are important and significant to you. When you pick up a candy bar from the newsstand, pick up one for your lady just to show her that you were thinking about her. Grab a rose or flower from a bush while you’re on your way home and present it to her. When she opens the door, grab her and tell her lets go for a walk, talk about each other’s day. It doesn’t matter to her where you’re going; at least she has something to follow.

Women love spontaneity! Even if it’s something as simply taking a plain old board of checkers and playing games outside on the steps, she’ll be up for it. She’s intrigued by your availability and your willingness to invest your time. It’s not about the game of checkers, or the snowman, or the walk around the neighborhood, it’s about the bonding opportunity. Always keep in mind that a woman is fully capable of creating excitement for herself; when in a relationship she looks forward to having that experience with you.

If you have the power, the money or the resources to be extravagant, by all means use it to express your thoughts and feelings towards your lady. There’s nothing wrong with splurging on the woman you love, just as long as it’s done out of love. Any man can buy an expensive gift, but no man can creatively think like you. Every gesture you make should emphasize your love for your lady and place an even deeper imprint on her heart. When she speaks of you, she’ll share her fondest members of the joy you bring, not just the gifts.

The idea here is to leave an emotional impression and make a spiritual connection that will last a lifetime. If it’s her birthday, send her a rose for each age, and make a tradition of it. For Christmas, surprise her with one or more of the many things she’s been talking about all year long. For New Years, create a photo collage or a video display showcasing memories from the previous year. On Mother’s Day, make it a rule that she doesn’t lift a finger until midnight. On everyday, create new ways to love one another.

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One thought on “#ManDayBlog A Woman Loves A Man Who Is Creative

  1. Wow! what can i say Chey? you said it all. A woman of substance admires a man with brain power, and we love spontaneity. All we want is to be loved, protected, provided for and entertained on a consistent basis. i admire a man who is creative

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