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Dear AskCheyB,

Q: I’ve just launched a new business, I’m a personal trainer and I offer fitness classes for groups and individuals. There’s a lot of competition out there and I’m having a hard time competing with the big gyms and other entrepreneurs.What advice can you give me for getting the word out about my services and bringing in more paying clients? -Tyrone

A: Thank you for your question. Started a business is fun when you’re doing something you’re passion about. The challenging part is building up your clientele. One of the best ways to do this is to THINK BIG! Instead of simply offering fitness classes, build a brand around “you”! YOU are the brand. From now on, I want you to have it set in your mind that your clients aren’t just signing up for your classes because they like to stay fit, but they’re coming because they like “you”. It could be the way you speak to your clients, your energy, your physique, and/or many other attributes, but whatever it is, use it to sell yourself as a brand.

You’ll get more clients when you look to build relationships, as opposed to solely making money. With that said, get the people in the door by offering a trial run of your class. Once they’re there, make sure that you’re already set up professionally and ready to receive the outpour of clients that are about to come your way. By this I mean, a professional website, business cards, promotional material, social media, sign up sheet, etc. Since you’re allowing people to try your services free of charge, your return will be to ask them for their contact information and to stay connected (i.e. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to our Newsletter, etc). Once you have their information, you can keep them informed on future opportunities to participate in your class, and even offer a special “Bring a friend for 50% off” deal.

Also ask each participant for a written testimonial and a video testimonial that you can use for future promotions. Perhaps you can hire a photo/video person to document these trial sessions to post on your website. Keep in touch with the attendees and also ask them for their referrals. Good luck!

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