Check Out My TV Debut on Fox 4 Dallas “5 Ways Texting Can Improve Your Relationship”














Hey everyone, I’m excited to talk about my very first TV appearance on Fox 4 Dallas. <<< Not bad for a debut ehh? What I love about Twitter is that just about any and everyone who can connect you or position you where you need to be is right there. All you have to do is click the follow button, Tweet them a friendly message, or just wait until they follow back and send a direct message.













Sometime last year, I connected with Jenny Anchondo  @JennyFox4, who is a reporter for Fox 4 Dallas. We exchanged messages, followed each other’s Tweets, and as I was preparing for my book signing in Dallas, I reached out to Jenny letting her know that I would be there.  By now, Jenny was already familiar with my work, so creating a story was a breeze. I submitted 5 different blogs that might be helpful in creating a story and we settled on something that many people experience in their relationships… “Texting”. My job was to show ways that “Texting Can Improve Your Relationship” and during our segment, I listed 5 tips and I hope they add value to your life. To read full blog on “5 Ways Texting Can Improve Your Relationship” click here.

How did I end up getting a spot on TV? First, I had to believe in myself. I saw a problem and decided I wanted to be a part of the solution. The world is steady trying to figure out how to build happier, healthier, longer-lasting relationships, and AskCheyB, LLC is here to help point them in the right direction. I could be doing any kind of work, but it makes me happy knowing that the time I’m devoting in my research, the time I’m investing in helping other people, etc is making a difference. What getting on TV means to me is that I have a chance to make a difference in this world on a larger scale.












My sister “Jordi Bostock” is a great inspiration of mine. She too is a best selling author “Single On Purpose” @SingleOPurpose. Seeing her make her TV debut on Fox 4 months prior truly inspired me to keep going.  My brother Shane Bostock is also a great inspiration to me, he’s a chef in Dallas and always makes sure I’m well fed. I was so excited that the two of them were right there when I made my first TV debut.

As I continue to work towards my goals here in NY, and change the lives of those who are right here in my community, I look forward to greater doors opening for me (tv, radio, magazine newspaper). Social media has been a great networking tool for me. So far i’ve been able to reach over 100,000 people via my blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. I write this to encourage you to continue to work towards your dreams and goals. Your big break will come, but you will appreciate it more when you work hard for it. Keep pushing!

Cheyenne Bostock Fox 4 Interview












Click on picture to see Fox 4 interview or click here:

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  1. Congrats Chey! Very good advice…so proud of you!

    On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 1:45 PM, wrote:

    > AskCheyB posted: ” Hey everyone, I’m excited > to talk about my very first TV appearance on Fox 4 Dallas. << a debut ehh? What I”

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