Every Woman Loves A Man Who Can Cook

imagesThere’s nothing like coming home to a nice home-cooked meal prepared by someone you love. You can tell the dish was made with love because they took their time to make sure that the flavors were just right, cooked to perfection and then served. Every cook who takes pride in their work can’t wait to hear that “Mmmm” sound after they take their first bite because that lets them know that their mission was accomplished. Food is without a doubt the way to a man’s heart, but guess what? Women love to eat too! You’ll find that amongst many other things, a woman loves a man who knows how to cook.

If you don’t know how to cook, learn how. It’s important for any man to know how to work his way around the kitchen not just for the sake of his lady, but for his own sake. Not only will learning how to cook fill your belly, but it will also build your character. Everything you learn can be taught, and cooking is one of those things that never goes out of style.You can make an evening of it, invite friends over for a pot luck, have one friend chop this, another boil that, while the others peel something else. Invite over a nutritionist or a professional chef to give you some pointers on how to make cooking healthy, easy and fun.

If you have children, there will be nights and days where you will have to prepare a meal for them, and it helps to be prepared ahead of time. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to prepare and cook meals even with limited supplies once you have the skills. Most kids want fast food (i.e. Cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, etc). You can use this information to not only prepare a meal that you know they’ll love, but you can also include them. You see now, you’ve created the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your family. You can show them how to properly season, the right temperature to cook at, and use a timer to make sure nothing gets overcooked.

Kids love to be included in family activities that are fun, and cooking is certainly one of them. I remember as a kid, my mom would bake cakes, and my brothers and I would always volunteer to help. There were so many things we could do like crack the eggs, pour in the milk/water/oil/batter, and mix everything together. There were 4 boys in the house so we had to share the responsibilities, which was another thing we learned. We got a chance to set the oven and put the cake inside and when it was finished, we would all help put icing on the cake. Our favorite part was when we got to lick the bowl. 🙂

My mother knew how much we loved those special moments so she would include us as often as possible. After awhile, my mother no longer needed to micromanage us in the kitchen; we had baked caked so many times, we could do it with our eyes closed. We would talk, laugh, sing and dance in the kitchen as we prepared a delicious cake that we would later enjoy. My mom could’ve very well made the cake on her own and would’ve gotten finished with it 5 times faster without us, but it wasn’t about the cake. My mother was creating an environment where we could enjoy one another company.

It’s a good thing she knew how to cook because my step-father’s idea of a home-cooked meal was “Franks and Beans”. Anytime my mother went out of town, we would all look at each other like “What are we going to eat” lol. We had a skillet that plugged into the wall, and when my step-dad cooked chicken inside of it, it would make this delicious crispy chicken and skin that we loved. That was the extent of his cooking and we would soon resort to “Oodles Of Noodles”. We were young boys at the time, so we would make it work for the few days my mom would go away. When my mom finally returned, we would run to her and beg her never to leave again as if she were Jesus!

We missed my mom’s home cooked meals dearly and we were ever so happy to have her back. My step-dad missed the opportunity to bond with us over that weekend probably because his dad missed it with him. This is a cycle that can be broken and should be broken. Rolling up your sleeves and getting down in the kitchen isn’t a job just for women, it’s a job for anyone who wants to have a decent meal. While you’re single, you should be developing these skills on your own, which will add tremendous value to your relationship when you have one. In fact, you may even find love while shopping for groceries; there are plenty of single and eligible candidates right in your local market.

Eating out can get quite expense, not to mention you’ll have no creative control over what actually goes into your food. You’ll save a ton of money by going grocery shopping, preparing your own meals and eating in. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself during this process, like the kind of foods you like, foods you’d love to try, and dishes you enjoy preparing the most. You can create your own menu, perfect your signature dishes and who knows, one day you may even write a cook book or become a chef. There are so many wonderful possibilities that can stem from you learning how to cook.

Eating is something that no one can live without, so by learning how to supply this demand, you can make yourself indispensable in that area. Any woman who knows me knows that if she cooks for me, she’s my NEW best friend. At my church, they have a ministry for the men called “The Front Liners”, and at our bi-monthly meetings we talk about God, life and relationships. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?” In addition to the food for the soul that we receive at these meetings, they also provide food for the body, and that has managed to pack the house every time. It’s not rocket science, it’s simply common knowledge that people are more likely to show up at places where there will be food.

Have you ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for your friends and family at your home? You would if you knew how to cook! It’s fun to entertain other people with your gifts, however it’s impossible to give out something that you are without. Don’t be ashamed to go online, ask a friend, or turn to a family member for cooking lessons. I’m sure if you provided the food and ingredients that they would love the idea of coming over to teach you how to prepare your favorite dishes. Give it a try, plan a day in advance and invite over a few of your closest family members, friends and relatives. You will come out of the deal will all sorts of delicious dishes and plenty of leftovers, but most of all, you’ll have a great bonding opportunity with your loved ones.

The internet is filled with great recipes on any and everything you could possibly imagine. Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels and stay updated on their latest creations.There are plenty of other men just like you who feel they don’t have the time, the energy or the skills to cook a decent meal. Once you make a conscious effort to make your cooking ideas become a reality, you can take pride of showing the world otherwise. Post pictures and recipes on your social networks, inspire people who are or were just like you, and show that anyone can cook.

My grandfather Hayward C. Bostock was a great chef; he studied culinary arts and it showed. As kids, we loved going to his house so that we could spend quality time with our grandparents, but what we looked forward to the most was their cooking. There was never a time where they didn’t have a fancy meal laid out for us; lamb chops, stuffing, collard greens, mac n cheese, you name it! We would pray over the food, sit, eat and talk about whatever was on our minds. After our hearts were content and our bellies were full, we wold reminisce on all the previous delicious meals that came from that kitchen.

At first, we would assume that it was my grandmother who cooked all of the meals because traditionally the women would do the cooking. It was to our amazement that in fact it was my grandfather who did a lot of the cooking. That was a proud moment for us, it gave us a glimpse of the type of man my grandfather was. It showed us that he wasn’t too proud to prepare a meal for his lady, even in his old age. They had been married for about 50 years, and although they had gotten old, he kept things fresh and new in the kitchen.

When it comes to your relationship, preparing a meal for your lady will open up many doors. First, it will open up the doors to her heart; making the time to cater to your woman is a heart-felt gesture. It will open up the doors of conversation, for there will be many flavors, colors and textures to talk about. Not to mention the relaxed environment you’ll create to talk about even more important matters. Now that you’ve shown how much you care without being prompted to do so, she’ll feel inspired to do the same.

Adding this great quality to your life will make a remarkable difference within yourself, amongst your family/friends and with your lady. Women find men who cook to be very attractive, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to fall in that category. If the both of you don’t know how to cook, don’t fret because that is yet another opportunity to bond if she is willing to learn. If you both already know how to cook, even better; take turns preparing meals for one another, and also join forces and create great meals together. Team work makes the dream work!

Ordering out is easy, taking the time to plan and figure out what to eat, how to make it, and then putting it into action can be easy too. You simply have to practice and get in the habit of doing it, and after awhile it will feel natural. Like everything else in life, you won’t know how to do something until you do it. Sometimes you won’t have access to hands on training, or and adviser to walk you through, so have faith in your abilities and you’ll be just fine. You’ll make many mistakes on this journey, but you’ll also make many corrections. And the best part about learning how to cook is the tasting. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Every Woman Loves A Man Who Can Cook

  1. Some of my fondest childhood memories include being in the kitchen with my Grandmother. I was always her helper. She and my Mom taught me how to cook. I love cooking for my family as well. We have always eaten together and I look foward to Sunday dinners after church. Great article!

  2. Wow I am so out done… This is a great article and it is so true. I think that I love to cook, because I am a great cook, and for these reasons that you have listed is why I learned to cook! Unfortunately, I didnt learn from any parents or grand parents because there weren’t any. But, I didn’t let that stop me from learning on my own. In my opinion, it is no excuse why people shouldn’t learn, Its purpose is for the soothing and bonding with many hearts LOL!

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