6 Common Mistakes Single Women Make


1) They Don’t Want To/Know How To CookFood is the way to a man’s heart. Although every man has the means to prepare his own meal, order out, or hire a chef, there’s something special about having a home-cooked meal prepared by his special lady at home. After all, if a man has to prepare his own meal, pay to order out, or hire a chef, he can do so at half the cost it would take for him to accommodate a significant other. If your goal is to one day be married, you should already possess the qualities of a wife, and that includes taking care of the home. No matter where the food is coming from, a man will find his way to it, so don’t miss this opportunity to keep your man coming home to you.


2) They Look For A Man– Men are hunters, go-getters, and leaders by nature. Getting dressed, being confident, going out, and pitching a woman for a chance to get better acquainted is something that quality men of substance look forward to. When a woman goes out and looks for a man, its as if she is assuming the same exact position that a man is preparing himself for. One of the joys of being a woman is that you don’t have to look for a man. When you’re worthy, the right man will find you.


3) They Work Too Much– In these challenging times, we all have to work to make ends meet, but with everything in life, there has to be balance. If you only make time for work, or if your work overextends into the time that should be allocated to family, friends, and loved ones, then that gives off the impression that you don’t value the relationship that you have with them. Two things that men value are “time and money”; if you don’t have the time, he won’t invest his. Making time for love is also a great way to avoid becoming a man’s sexual convenience, and will open up the possibility of a meaningful relationship. The more value you put in, the more value you’ll get out.


4) They Confuse Sex With Love– Sex brings out extreme emotions in a woman. For men, it’s just a few minutes of satisfaction. In order for a relationship to have longevity in a positive way, it has to first be built on a solid foundation. A man will value and respect you more if/when you respect yourself. Men are simple and only require Food, Sex, And Peace Of Mind. In exchange, you should require love, dignity, and respect. Remember, if you’re giving him everything that he wants, you’ll never be all that he needs. Men value women who can provide them with what they need and make them earn what they want. #Standards

platonic friends

5) They “Friend Zone” Good Men– Let’s be honest. There are good men everywhere! In many cases, women simply are not interested. Good guys finish last because some women don’t see the value in being with him first. The “bad boy” offers mystery, adventure, excitement, but is often ambiguous when it comes to monogamy, future plans, and stability. Good men aren’t hard to find; they’re collecting dust in your Rolodex. Friendship is the key to romance, so if you’re looking to find love, look first at your true friends.


6) They Travel In “Packs”– For a man, it takes a great deal of inner strength to muster up the confidence to speak to a woman and risk being rejected simply because she’s “not in the mood”. This truth multiplies when a woman travels in “packs” of other women. It gives off a “Waiting To Exhale” kind of vibe that screams “WE ARE TIRED OF MEN AND DO NOT WANT TO BE BOTHERED”. Sure there are men who will challenge themselves to walk right up to the entire group and introduce themselves, but you’ll have a far better chance of a attracting a man if you travel alone or perhaps with one girlfriend at a time.

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9 thoughts on “6 Common Mistakes Single Women Make

  1. Only 3 “Good” Black Men For Every 100 Black Women – what do you think of that graph Cheyenne as it doesn’t square up with your observation of there being good men everywhere. Any look at an online dating site will verify that.

  2. Instead of being so hell bent on telling the women of the world why they don’t have a man why don’t YOU figure out why YOU don’t have a woman.

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