5 Worst Places To Meet A Guy


1) At The Bar– Men go to the bar for many reasons. Finding love isn’t one of them. When a man goes to the bar, he’s not hoping to find a woman he can spend the rest of his life with, but rather a woman he can spend the end of the night with. The bar is a dark, loud, crowded place, everyone’s under the influence, vision is cloudy, but a man never loses sight of his mission… to leave with more women than he came with. If you want a quality man to find you, position yourself in quality places.


2) Online– In today’s times, the Internet is one of the easiest places to meet people, and for men, having “easy access” to an abundance of women is the one of the greatest benefits of creating an online account. Meeting people online can be fun and exciting, but in reality, men subscribe to this way of connecting simply because it’s convenient. Typically speaking, the more quality men of substance who are confident in themselves and their abilities will opt to put his skills to the test in a more challenging environment. Where and how you meet someone will influence the amount of effort they put in to keep that connection going.


3) At Work– It’s perfectly natural to build attraction towards fellow colleagues and even want to date them from time to time. Bringing your personal life to work can conflict with your work and potentially jeopardize everything you’ve worked hard for. If things don’t work out, it can make things very uncomfortable for you, the person you were dating, and everyone around you. In most cases, male colleagues only care to have sexual flings. If you decide to take this route, be sure to get to know each other to the best of your ability outside of the workplace before getting emotionally and physically involved.


4) While He’s With His Guy Friends– Every man loves a challenge! In many cases, a guy will chase a woman just for sport without any real intentions on advancing anywhere past the bedroom. When a man is hanging out with his buds, they’re always on the lookout for the “next best catch”, will toss out a little bait, and after he’s had his fun, will toss you right back where he found you. You ever give a guy your number, he’d text or call here and there, but never make any real plans to do anything? That’s because pursuing you was never anything he planned on taking seriously, it was just for plain sport.


5) At A Wedding– For men, the best part of a wedding is the end! The reception is where the real excitement comes; Free food, drinks, and an abundance of available women whose hearts are now wide open after witnessing two people form a life-long bond. Ironically, love and marriage is the furthest thing from a single bachelor’s mind at a wedding. He instead will be more focused on which of the single ladies volunteered to catch the bride’s bouquet. No matter whether it’s a wedding, a funeral, or any other place, never listen to a man’s words, always follow his actions.

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2 thoughts on “5 Worst Places To Meet A Guy

  1. .. This was inspiring, however i oppose your “final place” i.e @ d Wedding… its evn among the most wonderful places as far as I’m concerned.

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