5 Ways Texting Can Improve Your Relationship


Communication is key in any and every relationship! With today’s advanced technology, we have a vast variety of ways to communicate with one another (i.e. Cell phone, house phone, Skype, email, social media, and texting to name a few). Although we live in what appears to be a “digital world”, people still value that personal touch that allows the people communicating to assess each others tone, emotions, and attitude, without misconstruing the overall message. In addition, having a strategic methodology to your “texting madness” can prove to add more value to your texting experience. It’s very easy for information to get lost, delayed, or misunderstood, when relying solely on text messaging, so here are a few tips to use texting to help the communication in your relationship become more effective. This 5 easy steps will also create a healthier balance between you and your significant other.

1. Use texting for short, quick communication that don’t necessarily require a long, in-depth conversation. If the information being exchanged is a heartfelt matter, time sensitive, or involves great detail, pick up the phone to discuss.

2. No nude photos! Your reputation (your name) is everything. If you aren’t already, you may want to do something with your life that requires a credible track record. The last thing you want is for nude photos/videos from your past to come out in your future. And besides, anyone who is worthy of seeing this type of content already has access to the real thing. If by chance you lose your phone and someone else gets access, there’s no telling how those images could negatively affect your life or who they could circulate to. Relationships come and go. Pictures last a lifetime! Always present yourself as the person you want to be known and remembered as.

3. Give the recipient a chance to reply. Not everyone is glued to their phone or has the luxury of responding to every text message right away. If there’s an emergency, pick up the phone and call. If not, be patient, and continue on with your day until the other person is able to reply.

4. Be selective with who you let into your texting circle (particularly when it comes to the opposite sex). People who don’t contribute to the success of your relationship shouldn’t be allowed into your relationship. If you’re secretly texting someone of the opposite sex, you’re inviting trouble to come lurking into your relationship. Keep secrets with your partner, not from your partner. It’s far easier to avoid problems in your relationship when you don’t invite them in.

5. Have a respectable cut-off time for texting. Texting other people (male or female) after hours, whether it’s business or personal can raise serious insecurities, doubt, and suspicion in your relationship, even if the messages being sent are innocent. Spend less time in your phone, and more time focusing on each other. Rest assured, if there is a family emergency, you won’t be notified via text message. Put the phone down, and turn the love up!

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