All Men Have A Motive

Having a motive is a great thing. It shows that you have goals, a plan, and are ready to execute your plans to get what you want in life. A man’s role is to lead, so it’s extremely important for any man you are associated with to have a motive, assume the role of leadership, and add value to your life in some way shape or form. If you are associated with men who have no motive, ask yourself “why”. Not all motives or intentions are bad, but do note that all men strategically plan out the moves they are going to make well before they make them.

Men value their time and their money. One of the first signs that a man is interested in you is when he willingly parts with his time or his money. Women are very emotional creatures and make decisions primarily based on their mood(s). Since this is so, a man has to be sure to say the right thing at the right time if he plans on reaching his ultimate goal. In order to be successful, he has to position himself in an area of her life where her guards are completely down (i.e. Church gathering, friendship, business meeting, etc).

If there is no interest, chances are, he’ll send an assistant to handle business or do so over the phone, if there is interest, he will make plans to see you and interact with you. If there’s no interest, chances are, he’ll have a “hi and bye” relationship with you. If he’s interested, he’ll want to have one-on-one time where he can see you and interact with you. Spending time with a woman requires a man to be gentle, engage in detail oriented conversation, make an investment of time and money, and so much more. With no interest, he won’t be willing to make these investments.

While many women are open and willing to spend time with a man, go out with a man, and do business with a man with no romantic future in mind, men typically don’t care to waste their time where there is no chance for the relationship to grow. A man wants to marry a woman who they can be friends with, do business with, and grow with. As the leader, he has to seek this chosen one, and the probability that this woman will be someone who is close to his heart and close to his home is very high.

“Godly” men are MEN nonetheless! Male friends are male friends because of the value they see in you. They want the value you have in you for themselves; that’s the whole point of pursuing the friendship, so that he can eventually get the relationship to grow into romance. Men at work aren’t taking you to lunch because you’re just that much fun to talk to and hang out with; they’re trying to get to know you and get closer to your body. A man’s relationship status is irrelevant; if he’s willing to talk to you on the phone regularly, take you out, make house visits, etc, he will also be willing to sleep with you. All you have to do is say yes!

Friendships are better served when they have benefits. If your friendship has no benefits, it’s not a real friendship. Never allow your loneliness or neediness to land you in relationships that aren’t growing. Men who lack substance can sense and will prey on a woman’s vulnerability. To a broken-hearted, emotionally unavailable, needy woman, a man in pursuit of her friendship  may seem harmless, but that’s simply her emotions taking over. t who have discernment know better. By allowing a man into your life during a vulberable state, you’ll be setting yourself up for great disappointment because the interest was never in a broken-down woman, but rather what he could get from this broken-down woman.

No matter how successful a woman may be, a man still wants to be able to protect and provide, and will do whatever it takes to position himself independently. He’s not impressed with your success (especially if he can’t compare). He’s interested in how much he can take advantage of your success and get it to rub off on him. If there is romantic interest, he would  much rather have one hour in the bedroom than discussions about a major business contract. Yes ladies, men who have money and power would risk it all for a chance to sleep with a woman. All you have to do is say yes! If he wasn’t willing to sleep with you, you wouldn’t have the face-to-face business meeting in the first place.

A man has too many responsibilities as a leader to devote time to people and things that aren’t close to his heart, so anytime a man comes into the picture and stays in the picture, rest assured that there is interest in either sex, money, or resources. All men have a motive!

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4 thoughts on “All Men Have A Motive

  1. Great article but left me a little confused…”Godly men are MEN nonetheless!” and “so anytime a man comes into the picture and stays in the picture, rest assured that there is interest in either sex, money, or resources.” I now have a better understanding of negative motives. What about how to identify the positive motives?

  2. CheyB its all about educating the ladies*SMH, the men also need to be tutored. Most things u discuss is aplicable to both parties. Women do have alterior motives too and most times act crazy its not just the male folks who are tailored to satisfy their bestial sexual desires. Succesful single dudes are often preys to the females even married brothers too. Enlighten the males on how to handle such issues and how to spot gold diggers and genuine girls!

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