Be A GoalDigger!

Everyone wants to be successful, however in order to be successful, you have to have the want to and the know how. The want to refers to the desire to be something or to have something in life. The know how refers to the plan of action you are going to take in order to achieve it. You will have more to look forward to tomorrow, if you plan for it today. Lack of planning will result in a lack of resources, lack of progress, and ultimately lack of success.

Success is measured by one’s ability to reach his/her goals; it’s impossible to achieve your goals if you don’t set any. Success doesn’t come by accident; it in fact requires a great deal of strategic planning and focus. The reason for this is so that once you’ve become successful at one thing, you can then take those same principles and practices and repeat them in other areas. Being successful is is all about how well you can start from point A, get to point B, and have a well-thought out process of planning and execution in between.

It’s very easy to forget great ideas when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, so document all of your great ideas in a safe place that you can refer back to. Writing down your goals is an excellent way for you to begin your thought process and bring your ideas to life. Know that with all of your wonderful ideas… not all of them can be executed at the same time, so you will need to discipline yourself and prioritize. It’s quite common for a person to go an entire day and not accomplish a single thing they wanted to simply because they weren’t focused. When writing out your goals, be sure to also set a deadline for which you intend to achieve your goals; respect your deadlines!

Focus on one goal at a time and you will get more accomplished because now, you’re able to devote 100% of your energy on this one particular project. Choose your seed, plant it, love it, nurture it, ask for help (if/when needed) then sit back and watch the results. You will want to document these results so that in the future, you’ll only  be repeating the steps that yield the results you so desire. Also, when you are focused on just one goal, the people in your circle will be inspired by your discipline and will be more willing to help your seed grow much faster. When you’re busy planting many seeds without first having at least one seed grow successfully, the people around you will notice your lack of discipline to your own life, and will be less likely to believe in you and support you.

You can start with short-term goals just to get in the practice of having goals. For example, create a list of goals for every day of the week with simple tasks that you normally do (i.e. Wash face, brush teeth, make breakfast). As you’re looking at your list and checking things off, you are practicing the art of being successful; you are doing everything you set out to do. Move on to greater tasks and get better at planning and executing your goals (i.e. Planning to arrive to places early instead of on time, coming up with a payment plan that will help you eliminate debt, planning to spend more quality time with family, etc. If it’s in your plans, you’ve made a choice to make it a priority; when things are a priority, there’s a greater chance that it’s going to get done.

Work on your long-term goals and plan ahead so that you’re not living paycheck to paycheck, or so that you and/or your family can have something to look forward to, or just in case the worst were to happen to you, you can leave behind a will and not a bill. Planning ahead will help eliminate the stress that comes with not having enough. Once you figure out what you want from your life and you write it down on paper, you will have then created the motivation that you need to make it become a reality. Without planning, your dreams are just that… dreams!

There is nothing in this world that you cannot do, you simply have to want it badly enough, and take the action that’s required to attain it. Faith is the key to accomplishing anything you set your mind to. If you believe in your heart that you can do, then you can. Believing in yourself is the first step, and the next step is devoting yourself to your goals, and never giving up on them. It’ s impossible for you to fail if you never give up; Failure simply means you’ve given up on succeeding! Create goals for your life, take the action that is necessary to achieve your goals, and once you’ve reached success, do it all over again with something new!

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6 thoughts on “Be A GoalDigger!

  1. Hey Chey!! Great post as usual. You must have gone to the Stephen Covey School for positive living? Your next book needs to be about “Using God to set Goals and live life to the fullest”. In my opinion! I also like the idea of making a daily to do list. I know you mentioned the weekly thing but some people cannot even figure out what they want for breakfast. Decision making skills can be scary because so many people are afraid of success and failure so they fail to plan…but they would not admit it. If you told them that they way say”man you krazee…I ain’t like that!”

    Keep up the work Mr. Bostock. You are so on target 🙂

  2. Great advice Chey, setting goals are easy. Maintaining the momentum of pursuit is where most fall short. I find your blog to be very helpful and a very simplistic approach for starting out in the right direction.
    Thank You!

  3. When it comes to focusing on goals “one at a time”, Life isn’t linear. Discern opportunities as they come to you. Life is series of multi-tasks, playing fields and perspectives. Not all variables within the attainment of a goal is accessible to a person on a Time-Frame basis and many ppl require multiple projects to keep their crativity/thought processes flowing. For instance: some ppl study information with the television & music going, yet are deeply absorbing the info they’re learning. An individual with this requirement would find focusing on “one thing” impossible. Because it is. At all times, cognizance is weighing hundreds of environmental bits of info, social info, physical body info… Without knowing this multutasking is normal, the inability to focus on one thing would be identified as abnormal. Perhaps what you mean to imply is that, if a person feels overwhelmed, break the tasks/variables down.

  4. I agree! Thank you for sharing such a valuable message. Its the simple things that we do that increase our success. Those simple things done often, routinely, turn into habits. Without knowing we have chosen a success pathway that continues to grow in greatness based on healthy habits. Your blog is a message to be shared with mass audiences. I strongly believe it the simple things that have been forgotten. Your happy reminder communicates the opportunity for success in simple easy steps that render big rewards. Cheers to happy life.

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