Make Your Dreams Become A Reality!

Everyone in this world is unique and is gifted in their own way… and it’s up to you to choose your destiny! The world won’t know what you are capable of until you show them. If you show the world your fear, you’ll leave them with no reason to believe in you, but if you show the world your strength, they will trust and believe that you can do anything, and it will motivate and inspire them to follow you wherever you may lead them. You can either be your worst enemy, or your best ally, but if you choose to be your best ally, you will have then overcome the greatest psychological barrier you will ever face in your life.

Making your dreams come true starts with simply having an idea! An idea that you love and are passionate about… something that you would do even if you weren’t getting paid to do it. With this in mind, you will need to dig deep inside of yourself, perhaps back to your childhood to that place where there were no worries, no rules, and no limits! When you were a child, anything you thought existed became a reality for that short moment in time, up until you either moved onto the next thought/activity, or perhaps were told by a friend, teacher, adult that what you were thinking was impossible, unattainable, or simply a figment of your imagination. That’s the place you will need to tap into in order to rekindle the flame that will light enough fire under you to get you to actively pursue your dreams.

Your dream won’t be like anyone else’s; sure there may be many other people who are in the exact same field as you, but they can and never will be you! Once you take the time to get to know yourself, and figure out your unique voice, you will have discovered an incomparable package that the world has never seen before. Being able to spot a person’s uniqueness goes far beyond physical appearance and voice; there’s a spiritual connection that connects one person to the next, and the faster you align your spirit with your purpose, the easier it will be for others to identify you with that purpose, making you a go-to source for whatever it is you are great at!

On your journey to becoming great, and showing the world your greatness, humble yourself and ask for the help of those who have already reached greatness or are actively working towards their greatness (mentorship). These types of individuals will help you to overcome barriers, avoid unnecessary setbacks, and help you reach success a lot faster than you would simply by thinking on your own and operating solely through trial and error. Their wisdom (their understanding) is priceless as they are sharing with you exclusive, principle based information that will help you achieve success in any area of life, for the rest of your life. Your ability to listen will inspire them to speak, teach, and help mold you.

Your dreams will not come true overnight, so be patient while you are in pursuit of happiness. Your quest for knowledge and wisdom is the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose and leaving behind a legacy that’s reflective of your devotion. This dream is yours and no one else’s, and if you wish to achieve it in this lifetime, you must put 100% into it and nothing less. Overcoming your fear of self may take years of your life; once you’ve done this, then and only then will it be time to begin pursuing your dreams. Surround yourself with people who want to see you rise, and keep a close eye on people who want to see you fall. You will want these people who want to see you fall to stay near, as they will be a part of your motivate to never let them have the glory of seeing you fail.

Study the people around you who have successful made their dreams come true, as well as the people who have failed, and also the one’s who dream and do nothing to make their dreams come into fruition. Knowing what to to is just as crucial as knowing what not to do, so be open-minding to the wisdom that comes from success stories as well as failed stories. Everything that happens in the present immediately becomes the past, so pay particular attention to the roads that the people around you are taking to get to the place they’re in now and use this as motivation to navigate your way to success.

Place high value on obtaining information and insight, as these will help provide you with the tools that you will need to build your legacy. All the money in the world won’t make up for ignorance; knowledge is power. The things that you know and understand can help you build relationships and make valuable connections with people in areas where money is not a factor. The heart of what you know and understand will eventually attract investors who believe in you, your vision, and your ability, so work yourself to the core when acquiring new knowledge and skills, and this will open up many doors that help guide you towards your destiny.

Once you’ve figured out who you are, what you love to do, and you’ve surrounded yourself with people who are going to help you get there, continue to work on perfecting your greatness and show signs that you are working towards it. Build relationships along the way by simply being passionate about everything you do, giving 100%, and adding value to the lives of others. Over the course of your journey, show the world who you are and what you are capable of as often as possible, and do it for free! If you’re good at something, always do it for free… until enough people respect and acknowledge that you’re good at it! After a year or two of giving away your services, and along the way, you will developed great rapport with your family, friends, and strangers… so much so that they now know, trust, and respect you as a source they can rely on whenever in need.

Once you’ve build this great circle of trust, you will then feel more confident in placing higher value on your time, energy, and effort, as you have consistently proven yourself worthy. Your audience will see the value in you, will want to maintain the relationship, and will inevitably transition to loyal clients, and silent partners (promoting your brand to their networks at no cost). Your dreams are now becoming a reality, and it started with an idea, followed by you believing in yourself, combined with surrounding yourself who also believe in you. We all have gifts; instead of burying yours, plant the right seeds, put in the work to make it grow, and surround yourself with wise farmers who are willing to help expedite the process.

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5 thoughts on “Make Your Dreams Become A Reality!

  1. Thank you so much for is post. I was on twitter and ran across this, and so glad that I did. I needed to hear this right now as I am in career transition and it easy to second guess that decision.

  2. I practice what you preach in this post,not because you wrote it, but because of what I learned through reading many of the same books,following the same people that I know you do, and the subsequent informal coaching I have done on “living life on purpose through making dreams possible by doing the impossible! ”

    Believe me people, what Chey B. writes here works and I am a testament to that. I think you stole one of my dream journals…I better check my stash lol

    Be good…Velma

  3. Thanks for sharing Chey,
    The Word Of God says, “The people perish because they have no vision.” It’s imperative to our existence! Letting your discerning spirit be your guide…of course, that being it’s refueled on a daily basis, with prayer time…

  4. Sexism and misogynistic attitudes have presented in all forms of media. There are countless books containing self-help advice on various topics. The most popular topic is relationships. This has spawned the “How to Get a Man” phenomenon. These books seem harmless, but their messages are often demeaning towards women and preach submission over equality of women. These books are often written by self-proclaimed relationship coaches, with little or no formal training. Some of these books are written by celebrities. Many of the best sellers are written by men. They are selling books based on “life experiences”. A perfect example of this is, Tyrese Gibson best known for his roles in Baby Boy and Transformers, a best-selling R&B artist, his outrageous Twitter conflicts and most recently his rants against obese people, is the author of two self- help books. Tyrese’s educational background is sketchy and there’s no proof of a successful personal relationship, Tyrese has managed to make it to the New York Times Best seller list. To give Tyrese credit the book that was marketed to his female audience, was co-authored by Rev Run of Run DMC now an ordained minister. Part of Reverend Run’s duties is to offer advice. Tyrese’s books are almost harmless compared to some others.

    Steve Harvey’s educational background is a bit more extensive than Tyrese’s, however whereas Tyrese’s books explore the man’s mind and then gives advice, Harvey’s books lean more towards telling a woman how to be a woman. His book received mixed reviews. Those who did not support his book went on to criticize his advice when he adapted that same book into a cinematic comedy starring Kevin Hart. It left many of us questioning the validity of the book. This relationship advice came from a twice divorced comedian.
    Recently there has been severe criticism of life coach Chey B. on the social network, Twitter. I was first made aware of his presence by a tweet that could be construed as homophobic. Twitter is a place where random thoughts are condensed to 140 characters at a time. Sensitivity and political correctness is often disregarded. What makes the difference in Chey B’s tweets is that he claims to be a life coach there to uplift and empower women. The following are tweets from Chey B. that have garnered some criticism:

    “Ladies: Believe me… you don’t want “equality”. Walk in a man’s shoes for 24 hrs and you’ll be begging to get the perks of a woman again!”

    “Make up your mind ladies! Either you want to be on the same level as a man, or you want him to be gentle and cater to you.”

    “Ladies: Your degrees are “your” degrees. They’re about as useful to a man as toilet paper. A man wants to know “What can you do for me?”

    “Ladies: Your vagina is your negotiating power!”

    Chey B.,makes the assertion that he speaks for all men and that women would be better off being submissive. His messages often go along with the concept; “Feminism does not uplift Black people. It actually divides black men and women” (@theblackguyx via Twitter) Chey has admitted that he targets women. Has taken pride in the hashtag #singlebydesign but yet his whole book is devoted to telling a woman how to get and keep a man. When he is questioned or criticized about his views he often responds with pre prepared, generic answers. He has yet to answer direct questions regarding how his message affects equality.

    Other disturbing behavior by Chey B., is his unwillingness to speak directly to African- American men on Twitter that have questioned his viewpoints. If these men are not in total agreement with his views he directs them to his website where they can request one on one advice with him. Instead of backing his views, when challenged Chey B. will make a statement and quickly delete or make the tweet otherwise unavailable. Those who have had direct contact with Chey, have had to resort to capturing these tweets via screen shot or other methods of saving the tweets. This tends to happen when he is questioned by bloggers interested in obtaining research material. Chey often tells individuals that disagree with him, that their issue is self-hate. It is disheartening that Chey B. has over 30,000 followers and his messages continue to mock the independence and equality of women.

    If there continues to be a following for Chey B.’s advice and other self-proclaimed life coaches with the same damaging messages of submission, further generations are doomed. Chey B. and his counterparts are the gateway to worsening sexist attitudes towards women. Once a woman is told to revert back to old gender roles, society will then begin to feel as if women are not entitled to deserved equality. Injustices, assaults and misogyny become more acceptable. and his counterparts are the gateway to worsening sexist attitudes towards women. Once a woman is told to revert back to old gender roles, society will then begin to feel as if women are not entitled to deserved equality. Injustices, assaults and misogyny become more acceptable.

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