Help my new book “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” become a #1 BEST SELLER!

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Hello everyone,

First, I’d like to thank God for life, health, and strength; without God, I have nothing. He’s done so much work in my life and is going to do so much for me that I can’t help but do things for others. I try my best to explain to my audience that the key to success is by setting, working towards, and reaching your goals, but in doing so, “giving” to others and being a blessing needs to be a part of your everyday regimen! God blesses those who blesses others. Show me a person who isn’t blessed, and I will show you a person who isn’t being a blessing.

God has shown me how to be a cheerful giver and to do so from the heart, that is why I wake up each day religiously to show my gratitude for everything God has done for me, by logging onto my social networks and being an inspiration to any and everyone who needs inspiration. I sometimes get so caught up in inspiring other people, answering questions, taking calls, etc that I don’t get to have my first meal until 5pm, but it’s ok because I’m fed spiritually and I’m full!

I’ve written a book titled “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” (What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man), and I cannot wait to get this book in your hands. It’s taken me 2 years to write it, I’ve put my all into it, I’ve listened to thousands of men and woman’s cries while coaching and beyond, and I’ve put into words some of the key things a woman needs to know to keep a man! This book is not solely about “pleasing a man”, this book talks about “you” as a woman, knowing your worth, showing your worth, how to become a candidate for marriage, being independent, switching to interdependence, how to communicate with a man, how to understand the “why” behind a lot of things men do. This book will help you completely step your game up as a woman despite how great you THOUGHT you were.

I truly believe in my heart that this book will change the lives of SO many women. I don’t have a daughter, however, if I did, I would tell her everything that I’ve put into this book. I want my 17 year old niece to have it, my sister, my mom, and all the females in my family and in the world that I care about. Not everyone was blessed to have a father who showed them how a man is supposed to protect and provide, or submit to God if he wants a woman to submit to him. Not every woman has a positive male influence to guide her and let her know that waiting until marriage is honorable and respectable. Not every woman has a man who cares for her mind, heart, and soul, and can appreciate her for more than her body.

After reading this book, you will feel enlightened, empowered, motivated, uplifted, and have a new lease on life! We all have a past; your past is for you to remember, your present is for you to enjoy, and your future needs planning, so get ready to re-invent yourself, become the best woman you can be, and you will attract the best man!

I’ve been told that I’m too young to coach relationships, I’ve been told that since I’ve never been married, I can’t give advice on marriage, I’ve been told that I “have to” have a certain type of degree or certification to help people build relationships. I say to them… GOD is in control; GOD has the authority, GOD has the power to empower, and fill you with the strength, courage, and wisdom to speak to his people and deliver his message. No man can tell you what you can or cannot do, God will tell you what you can and cannot do! With God anything and everything is possible!

I’ve been coaching relationships (officially) since January 2010, and I was doing so from a homeless shelter. At first, no one would listen because no one thought I was qualified; I asked God for the strength, courage, and wisdom to press on, and he created the “time” and “space” that I needed to fuel my mind and maximize my efforts to become a better coach. While living in a shelter, I had nowhere to be and nothing to do, and no one seemed to want to hire me. I eventually got hired, but there was a greater calling on my life, and I had to answer it. For 4 months, I spent every single day reading books at Barnes & Nobles and Boarders learning how to effectively brand and market myself as a coach.

Today, my blog has reached over 13,000 subscribers, I have over 16,000 followers on Twitter (and counting), Maxed out FB, and growing numbers on my like page and new FB profile. These numbers have been accumulated simply by the delivery of my message through positive words of inspiration. There is power in words, so speak things into existence; believe in the things you say and do; turn your passion into a source of income. I say this to show you that there is nothing that you cannot do if only you believe in yourself.

There are a lot of people who are rooting for my success! There are also a lot of people who are rooting for my failure! I’m 28, a loving father, coach, and friend to many; my purpose in life is to help you find purpose in life, so that you too can help someone else find purpose in their life. Even if you hate me, I love you; happiness is a choice! If you are rooting for me, I would like for you to help make my upcoming book become a #1 BEST seller despite all the odds that are against me. Despite all the rules and regulations people, publishing houses, and everyone else put in place. With your help (and this is very important)… with your loyalty and your support, you can help me SHATTER every fallacy in existence and help to inspire many more young, black people to believe in themselves, take control of their lives, and follow their dreams.

My goal is to release my new book “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” (What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man) once I reach 5,000 friends on my new Facebook profile. You can help simply by making sure that “YOU” are one of the 5,000 who have sent me a friend request, and also, if you’ve been blessed by any of my blogs, Tweets, YouTube videos, FB posts, etc, then become an advocate for my cause and encourage your best friend, your siblings, and the people you love to also add me on Facebook so that I can be an inspiration to them too! There is strength in numbers, so help me heal the world!

Sometimes “you” can be in the way of somebody’s blessing; to avoid being in somebody else’s way, show them the way. When you hear someone complaining about their life and about their relationship, refer them to @AskCheyB, I find joy in helping other people with strengthening their relationships, and I welcome the referrals. My book has not yet been released, but you can help me get the word out by sharing your experiences with @AskCheyB with the people you know and trust.

How can YOU help my book become a #1 Best Seller?

1) Believe in me! Trust that I am here to help others grow; support my cause in all of the following ways listing below.

2) Visit my website (, get to know your Life & Relationship Coach, get familiar with the services I have available, take advantage of them, and also tell your friends about my services. #Support

3) Subscribe to the blog you are reading right now, share this blog with your friends, and encourage them to subscribe for great relationship insight.

4) Add me on Facebook and encourage as many people as you can to also add me so that I can reach 5,000 friends and release my book as promised.

5) Follow me on Twitter (@AskCheyB), and if I’ve been able to inspire you with my Tweets, encourage as many people are you know to also follow me on Twitter  (@AskCheyB) for daily inspiration, motivation, enlightenment and empowerment. And use the hashtag #FoodSexPeaceofMind

6) Once I make pre-orders available, purchase a copy of my book for yourself and for the people you know in your heart could use a self-help book like this. #BeABlessing

7) Help me build an audience in your city by encouraging people to connect with me on Facebook & Twitter  (@AskCheyB). I will do a 2013 book tour wherever the numbers are the strongest.

8) If you or anyone you know has a radio or TV/online show, let’s get connected; contact me via email for an interview. I would love to come on your show and talk to your audience about building relationships, and to introduce my new book.

9) Try my services and become a believer! Email me your relationship questions, and let me know how I can help you. If I’ve been able to help you with my response, post a testimonial here on my blog so that others can see the value in having a Life & Relationship Coach.

10) Help my book become a #1 Best Seller and I will share with you the steps I took so that your book can also become a best seller!

-Chey B.

4 thoughts on “Help my new book “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” become a #1 BEST SELLER!

  1. hello,

    great post ! The beautiful thing about our participation in universal creation is
    that we are the creators of our own thoughts, and thus we shape the
    ever-changing creation that is our own life.

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