I’ve found my purpose! I need YOU to help me fulfill it!

I’ve finally figured out “why” I am here (on earth)! My name is Chey B, I’m a Life & Relationship Coach, and my mission is to enlighten and empower women, and to encourage men to be the best men they can be. I used to believe that the reason why I am here is so that I could grow up to be an adult, get a college education, a good job, and be able to afford anything that I wanted in life! <<< Selfish! Selfish! Selfish!

God has a special way of humbling us, and he does so first by taking away the things we glorify (i.e. People, money, and things). I’ll tell you what God did; God showed up and proved that he exists! He stripped me of all the things I praised and glorified, and left me with nothing! He ended my relationship, took away my money, put me in a homeless shelter, and left me with no choice by to come and talk to him (prayer). Needless to say, “his” plan worked!

God new exactly what I needed, but he first had to have my full undivided attention, so he took away everything I “thought” I needed. God new I needed a way to provide for myself so he tested my faith; he instructed me to go and “volunteer” at a non-profit! <<< Volunteer???? What?!?!?! I need “money”!!! I went to volunteer at a non-profit and when they saw my resume, they hired me full-time! You see how God’s plan never fails?

During this moment in my life, God sent people my way to ask me for help, just to see how I would handle it! So here I am broke and alone without 2 pennies to rub together and you want me to help someone? I followed instructions, and each time I helped someone else, not only did I feel better about myself, I began to see more doors open up for me! Every day I walked out the door with a smile on my face and a great attitude because I was beginning to realize my true power and purpose, and it felt good!

The more I “gave” the better I felt and the better I made other people feel! The power of giving can be a wonderful thing if your heart is in it! Giving is about what you put forth, not what you get back! When God showed me this, I had an epiphany and it allowed me to have a complete paradigm shift! My reason for giving (now) is about what my blessings can do for someone else; when I open up my heart to others, God will also pour in his blessings! <<< Works for me 🙂

While I was down on my luck, God gave me the strength, courage, and wisdom to help others to build their relationships, and I thank him for it! Today, I’ve been blessed enough to start my own business (www.askcheyb.com) and help others full-time and it’s been going extremely well! What started out as 1 man coaching others from a homeless shelter has turned into over 5,000 facebook friends, 11,000+ Twitter followers, 10,000+ blog subscribers, and countless lives changed! <<< Not too shabby 🙂 I always tell people “If you’re good at something, always to it for free, until enough people respect and acknowledge that you’re good at it!” #PayingDues

We are not meant to stay here on this earth, we are only passing through, so what exactly are you doing here? Are you living with purpose? Are you helping others be the best they can be? Are you contributing anything to society? Today, you can make the choice to stop living for yourself and start living with a greater purpose! My purpose is to help you be GREAT! If you’ve been following my blogs, youtube channel, Twitter, and Facebook, then you are quite clear on my mission.

This world is much bigger than just you and !! Sometimes you can be the connection someone needs to be great, to be inspired, or to be motivated to do something! So when you read an inspirational blog like this, don’t just click the “x” and say “Wow, that was deep! I’m inspired now” No! Share this blog with your mother, father, sister, brothers, friends, and relatives so that they too can be inspired! My purpose here on earth is to find people who are good, bad, and ugly and turn them into GREATNESS!

My book “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” (What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man) will be published soon and I know this book will change the lives of so many men and women! For the men, this book will allow them to see what the standards are for a “quality man of substance”. For the women, this book will allow them to see who they are, the importance of finding and improving yourself, living single, dating, relationships, marriage, and then finally… two exclusive chapters detailing the truth about men!

My book “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” is not yet published, but I still want you to know about it and get your network excited about it for it will be coming in 2012! The Holiday’s are coming up and it will certainly make a great gift! In the mean time, reach out to me with your toughest relationship questions, connect me with those who need help with their relationships, and get a feel of the level of great insight you’ll get in my book “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind”. Every Wednesday is “Free Advice Wednesday”! Call Life & Relationship Coach @AskCheyB between 9am-1pm << No fee! Tell a friend (646) 389-7145″. With your love and support, “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” will be a BEST seller!

Black people need to learn how to support one another more and more and more! If you believe in my mission, continue to help @AskCheyB grow by being vocal and being active! Introduce me to your close friends and family members via my social networking sites (posted below). I will blog, Tweet, Youtube, and Facebook my book release date, but in the mean time, let’s get connected while I give you a taste of what’s to come in my new book! Thank you for your continued support!

Don’t just be inspired by others… be an inspiration to others! Live with a purpose!

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4 thoughts on “I’ve found my purpose! I need YOU to help me fulfill it!

  1. Everyone needs to learn to love & support one another. I don’t see it as a black or white, man or woman, rich or poor thing. First and most importantly we have to love and respect God and ourselves before we can give love and respect to others. Keep on posting, Chey!

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