The “Learn To Listen” Game!

I played a game  with my son at the park that I called “Learn To Listen” and he loved it! The purpose of this game was to show him how important communication and trust can be both for him as a child and for me as his dad. One person has to be the listener (wearing blindfolds), and the other has to be the messenger (giving instructions). The messenger has to create a mission, and without communicating the mission to the listener has to get him/her to complete the mission. Sometimes God will tell us to go somewhere without telling us why! Listening and following instructions can be life saving!

I decided to go first so that he could see just how important the power of listening and communicating effectively can be. I blindfolded myself and trusted him to guide me to wherever I needed to go.  At first, he had me running into poles and everything lol, but it’s ok because this presented the opportunity for him to learn how to communicate more effectively to avoid miscommunication and to keep me from danger. He did pretty good for the most part; he even had me “ducking” underneath things and walking for 20+ steps. I had an amazing time doing this activity with my son; he thoroughly enjoyed it, we had an opportunity to bond, and there was a life lessoned to be learned from this experience.

My job as a father isn’t to control my son because he’s a person too, and he has a mind of his own. My job as a parent is to mold, guide, and influence my son so that he can be the best person he can be. My child is a reflection of “me”, and I know better, so as long as I have anything to do with it, he’s going to be even better than me (by the time I’m finished with him). After bumping my knee here, bopping my head on something there, we took a pause so that I could teach him a few things. At this point, I took the time to teach him what it means to be specific & detailed w/his words. We spelled the word together, said the word together, defined the word together, and then we gave an example of what it actually means to be specific.

He said “Daddy you’re wearing a BLUE sweater! Not just any sweater, but a BLUE sweater! Being specific means to give details!” Then we gave each other a high 5 (as father and son love to do) lol. After learning this new word (specific), we began to practice communication and listening on one another; and the turnout was much better! There was less crashing, more effort, lots of laughs and good times!

When it was my turn to instruct, I explained to him that I love him, would never do anything to hurt him, and that I want the best for him. While giving him this talk, I explained to him that trust is believing that someone will have your best interest at heart. I asked him to trust me by putting on his blind fold and then run as fast is he could straight ahead with his arms wide open! Within 10 steps, I welcomed him to a big hug, removed his blindfold and told him “I love you”! He felt safe in my arms and he was proud to see the look in my eyes as I also told him “Great job son! You followed instructions and I’m proud of you!”. Positive reinforcement will motivation your child to continue to do the right thing.

This is an excellent game for family and you can practice it right in the comfort of your own home. It will bring the family closer together, you’ll have a great time, but you’ll also learn to power of listening to one another! In order to be a wisdom speaker, you first have to be a wisdom seeker! When you listen, you learn!

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