Paul C. Brunson “It’s Complicated” (But It Doesn’t Have To Be) Book Signing!

If you don’t know who Paul C. Brunson is, let me introduce you! Paul C. Brunson is a husband, father, friend, and an inspiration to many! On paper, he is a Life & Relationship Coach, writer for Essence Magazine, Co-host of the new show #LoveTown on the Own Network, and he now has added “Author” under his belt. One would think that with all of these accomplishments, Paul would be out of reach! No! Paul is one of the most down to earth black brothers I’ve ever encountered.

Paul and I first corresponded through Twitter and Facebook, and I admired him for his ambition, drive, charisma, and willingness to help others. I was impressed by how many followers Paul had on Twitter, but what really did it for me was when I also saw how many people he was following. A true leader knows how to follow! I reached out to Paul via Twitter and Facebook and to my surprise, he responded and was open and willing to have a conversation with me. This may seem like “nothing”, but in today’s world, many of us forget to simply be “human”. We acquire riches & glory and we praise them to the point where we forget to simply care about “each other” as humans.

Paul took the time to schedule a phone convo with me to talk about my goals and how I could achieve them; these small gestures took a little bit of Paul’s time, but it meant the world to me. Paul C. Brunson cares about “people”, and for that reason, I support his mission to enlighten and empower others in every way that I can. When Paul and I spoke over the phone, he shared with me a story about why he helps people! He recalled the times when he was  the one who needed help, and to this day still needs the support of others. He told me a story about when he needed someone who was already established to help him get his foot in the door; this person attempted to charge Paul a fee just for a phone conversation.

After achieving a bit of success on his own, Paul ended up hiring that same individual to be a part of his staff! And he did so “cheerfully”! <<< Look at how God works! Paul understands the power of giving, and I as well as many others find it truly inspiring! Show me a person who isn’t blessed, and I’ll show you a person who isn’t a cheerful giver! There is power in giving!

Paul let me know he’d be having his book signing in my hometown (Brooklyn, NY), so of course I wanted to be there to support and take some great photos. He totally captivated the audience with inspirational words of wisdom, music, guest speakers and live performances. Grammy Award winning R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer “Estelle” performed live! Tionna Smalls (Author of “Men Love Abuse”) gave an uplifting speech on “The hustle”. Chris Kazi also gave an empowering speech on “Fear”! Music Artist Rob Murat gave an excellent performance backed by an incredibly talented band! Check out the photos here: anyone you may know.

Paul (if you’re reading), I wish you much success with your new life as a father, your new book, your new TV show, and all of your future endeavors!

P.S. Black people!!! Supporting one another is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be 😉

Right now Paul C. Brunson’s book “It’s Complicated” is at #2 on the Amazon bestseller Relationships/Mate Seeking list! Steve Harvey currently holds the #1 spot! A black brother in the number 1 and 2 spot? Not mad at that at all! Steve Harvey has two books, so let’s help Paul reach #1 😉

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