10 Steps Towards Having a Successful Dating Experience!

Dating 101 with “AskCheyB”

Ten Steps towards Having a Successful Dating Experience

1) Use dating as an opportunity to get closer to someone you’re already in a relationship with, or someone you see as a potential partner. Not everyone gets a date!

2) Before going out on a date, have a phone conversation discussing each other’s personal interests. This feedback will serve as great conversation starters when you’re on the actual date.

3) Allow enough advanced notice so that you both can clear your schedules and plan accordingly. This shows that you are considerate of your date’s time.

4) A first date should be someplace neutral and inexpensive like a coffee shop or a park. This will help eliminate any financial burdens, and will also help lighten the mood.

5) Plan to be early to avoid being late. Being on time helps build trust and it shows that you respect each other’s time.

6) Turn your cell phone off, on vibrate, or on silent to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. This shows that you respect your date and that you value the time they are giving you.

7) Come to a 1st date prepared to pay your own tab. This gesture frees both parties of any assumed obligations, and allows your date the opportunity to measure your level of independence.

8) A 1st date should be brief (maybe 30 minutes or less). This helps to eliminate any pressure to further entertain a date that lacks chemistry, and builds anticipation for a 2nd date if there is chemistry.

9) Be engaging! Ask questions and allow your date the opportunity to share more details about themselves. This shows that you are taking a genuine interest in who they are.

10) Have fun! Enjoy this wonderful person you’ve chosen to share your time and energy with.

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2 thoughts on “10 Steps Towards Having a Successful Dating Experience!

  1. before u went to that first date … Have phone conversation to know each other intrest an let ur first date b brief atleast … Go to the place which is less expensive ….
    Chey … I did the three …. Mmm it was so intresting and wonderful … It was like we knew each other long back … I did like the feeling ,we were in da park … An surely it was a brief dating … He didnt want us to depart …

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