Life & Relationship Coach “AskCheyB” gets kicked out of a Men’s Shelter!

As a Life & Relationship Coach, I feel it’s necessary to provide motivation and inspiration in areas where it’s most needed. Sometimes when a person is at their lowest point, all they need is a little help or a little push to help them get over their hump or get back on their feet. Men’s shelters are filled with men who are totally comfortable with living in that environment and have no plans on getting out and becoming independent. Some have lost all hope, some have never had hope, but one of my goals was to go into this place and “give” them hope!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been calling and leaving messages at a Men’s Shelter so that I could motivate and inspire the men living there to live with a purpose, build healthy relationships, plan for their future, etc. Well… after not receiving any feedback, I decided to go up there in person and speak to the Director myself. Good thing I wore my suit because at first EVERYONE treated me as if I too were living in the shelter until I told them my name, title, and reason for being there.

The officer went to inform the director of who I was and why I was there, along with my business card, and she returned saying that I needed to make an appointment. I explained to her that I made several attempts and have not received a call back. The officer mentioned the name of another official (an African American man) that I was familiar with, and I asked her to allow me to speak to him. She went and sought him out and when he heard my name and saw my face on the card, he was very enthusiastic about positioning me to speak to the men.

We greeted each other and I told him what I wanted to do, and while we were speaking, the director (an Asian man) walked up and began speaking to him (as if I were not even there), after he completed his dialogue, he turned to me and asked “And who are you?” I replied, “My name is Chey B, I’m a Life & Relationship Coach and…” He cut me off in mid sentence [Clearly he knew who I was because my face is on my business card] and said “Yea, but you’re not supposed to be here in the shelter.” The man I was speaking with said “It’s Ok, he came to see me and speak to me. And he would like to speak to the men living here”. The Director then said, No, but he can’t do that. Please escort him out of the building.” <<< He had absolutely no interest in building a relationship with me or networking with me once the officer told him who I was and why I was there. #Strange

I have no doubt that they are treating those men who are living in the shelter just as poorly as they did me, a college graduate, Life & Relationship Coach, wearing my best suit and all. It’s people and places like this that hender people in a place/time of need from elevating and living a life of purpose. Needless to say… That shelter and everyone in it could definitely use some Life & Relationship Coaching… and I’m gonna give it to them 😉

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3 thoughts on “Life & Relationship Coach “AskCheyB” gets kicked out of a Men’s Shelter!

    1. That is really amazing to me Chey. They must have had some issues with people coming in the past. Perhaps you should make an appoinment with the director and try it that way. My first job was in a shelter and my director was a hard ass because they were stickler’s for rules and regulations so that funding would not get cut.

      Keep up your persistence.You are going out of your way to help a group of people who really need it and you will be a blessing to them in the end. I’ll pray that God will see you thru so thatyou may assist these men become better men.

      Take Care:)

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