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In this day and age, there are more and more people taking advantage of technology and applying it to their lives. We are no longer in the era of the telegram where our sources of communication were extremely limited. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and various sites specifically designed for dating have made it easier for people to make a connection for whatever purposes one chooses (keeping in touch with friends, business, dating). There’s no such thing as “online dating”. “Online” is simply the place where the introduction is made between two people.

Anywhere there are women, men will follow, and men will pursue them with the hopes of some day connecting on a romantic level. This is true for social networking sites, the grocery store, school, church, the library, you name it! Men are always on the lookout for women they could potentially get closer to romantically, and especially online. If you’re interested in dating, relationships, or marriage, it’s a great idea to keep an open mind to the possibility of meeting new people any and everywhere people can be found. Since the majority of people spend their time online, there’s a high probability that men will approach you online. The possibilities of meeting someone new and making a love connection right from your computer are endless.

The beauty of meeting someone online is you have the opportunity to research any of your admirers before taking action. Take Facebook for example, you can look through their pictures and get a feel of their personality and character, you can also see their relationship status, what friends you have in common, location, education, career, and other pertinent information all before saying hello. You’ll notice that people on social networking sites always reveal things about themselves; not realizing how much it reflects their character. You could probably learn more about a person’s character in 1 minute by viewing their online profile than in 1 hour of talking to them in person.

Before a man introduces himself to a woman, he studies her momentarily, then figures out exactly what he’s going to say to try and convince her that he’s someone worth knowing. A woman won’t admit it, but she prefers being seduced over hearing the absolute honest truth. A man would love to walk right up to a woman and say “Hey, let’s have sex right now!”, but that doesn’t work well with women. He instead has to be gentle, use a subtle approach, and somehow convince her that he’s after more than just her body. Since you’ve never met this man and you haven’t had the opportunity to fully assess him, your mood+the words that come out of his mouth,+his approach will be the determining factor in his success with you.

Never listen to a man’s words… always follow his actions. When you follow a man’s actions, you will see for yourself what he values, how he carries himself, and how he treats other people. When you listen to a man’s words, he’ll tell you any and everything you want to hear. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can follow a man’s actions without him even saying a word to you. J Since getting to know a man’s character has been made so readily available via his online profile, use this information to your advantage. If you’re a beautiful woman, you’re going to constantly get propositioned for dates on and offline, so instead of closing off the possibility of meeting men online, just do your “research” and be selective.

When you meet someone on the internet, there’s no obligation to actually pursue one another, it’s simply an exchange of words amongst two online friends. You’ll come to find through your conversations and interactions that there are many interesting people right there in your social network that could potentially add value to your life on some kind of level. If they were good enough to be added to your network, they should at least be good enough to entertain in conversation. You don’t have to date any and every person who shows interest in you, but there’s no harm in entertaining the men who do show interest in you. With any and everything you do in life, you want to go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated, so feel free to give those men on your friend list a chance if they prove to be worth it!

If you’re uncomfortable exchanging contact info, you can take advantage of private messaging or instant messaging and get better acquainted right in the comfort of your own home. You don’t lose anything from building relationships with new people; however you could potentially gain a new lover, friend, or even a business partner. You might have a business idea that you’re trying to get off the ground and you need more supporters; what better people to market to than the men right there in your network who show interest in you? This could possibly give them the opportunity to take a genuine interest in your life and you in theirs. #WinWin

No matter where you meet a person, “dating” is something that has to take place in person. When you meet them online, you’re simply granted the opportunity to pre-evaluate them before taking the extra step of meeting them in person. A first date should always be in a public setting simply for safety and comfort anyway, so don’t let fear be an obstacle that you place before you and an admirer. Let go of your fear, and enjoy the people who take an interest in your life no matter where you meet them.

Keep in mind that a man who’s viewing your online profile also has access to your profile pictures, status updates, etc and will very well make a judgment on your character before he approaches you. Men are very visual, so always present yourself in the way you want to be perceived. If for example you’re half naked in your profile picture, you’re going to attract men who are interested in your body as opposed to your heart and mind. They probably won’t even bother reading your profile because they’ve already made the determination that the bedroom is the only place they’re willing to go with you.

Your image reflects who you are as an individual, so don’t think that because it’s “Just Facebook” that you’ll be given a pass for acting out of character. If you carry yourself with dignity and respect at all times, the men you attract will do the same. There are plenty of available options that men could choose from online, so make sure you’re attracting these admirers for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

Relationships are about two individuals coming together to become one! If you’re going to date, pursue a relationship, or pursue a marriage, it’s going to require you to be vulnerable and trust your partner. Sure you could get your heart broken, sure you could get abandoned, sure you could be disappointed, but part of the beauty of being in love is enjoying what’s presently happening and not knowing what the future holds. If you meet someone and there’s chemistry, don’t hesitate to act on those feelings and take a chance on love.

Not everything in life will be logical or practical; some things are done simply out of love because love has no reason! Life is short, and you don’t have to live your life in fear, or have regrets about things that you should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve done. Don’t let work and school be the only things you go hard in life for; people are worth it! There’s a world of educated, career driven, quality men of substance online, and you can even search them by key words. Use this to your advantage and explore the possibilities of love! Create a profile on a social network showing the world who you are, post a stellar profile picture and bio, and get ready for the quality men of substance to pour in. Happy Dating!

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3 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. I do wish I had read this prior to doing online dating. It would have made me feel assured that I was not doing it wrong. One of my problems is that since I have finally put a picture on my profile, I am attracting men who are either too serious or boring or have mental and substance abuse problems. I even had a guy say that he wished I could cure him from smoking. Do I look like I am Mother Theresa because I am not showing my boobs and ass in my picture? Yes, I have a great smile and it is a pretty shot but why do men make assumptions based upon the picture. I do not like to be linked up with serious men. I am getting frustrated by this. I like to laugh. The man who can make me laugh will have my heart all the time. I keep trying and it is not getting better. Do you know a good relationship coach, Chey. You will not take me on so give me a reccomendation please. Have a great day and thanks for the insightful blog.

  2. Wow!! Your answer to the persons question was great and so right on! I like how you say give the same percent that they do. I found myself talking with someone on fb and I always felt like I had to initiate the questions or keep the conversation going. It was always a very pleasant conversation but to me that is very frustrating, because I do like a man to take charge. So I would find myself saying, ok I’m not going to message him until he messages me first. Well that would work for a few days. Your response helped me, now following through is the hard part..haha

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