Letting Go Of Fear!

We have a short gap of time to live on this earth and leave our mark on the world. We’re born, we’re raised, we live our lives, and then we die leaving behind memories that hopefully keep our spirits alive. There’s only but so much a person can do within 100 years, but it’s exciting to see all that we can aspire to accomplish during this time. Your purpose here on this earth isn’t to fulfill the pleasures for a man or to be a slave to another human being, no! Your purpose is to spread love and do it more abundantly!

Fear is something we all face at some point in our lives and sometimes prevents us from reaching our fullest potential. You may find yourself being afraid to let a man get close to you after you’ve had your heart broken. The might be afraid of losing your job; a job that you hate anyway, but you need it to pay your bills. You may even find yourself being afraid of stepping out in the world on your own and gaining your independence. Fear can place a roadblock right between you and your destiny, and it’s up to you to believe in yourself, face your fears, and overcome them.

No one is perfect so it’s ok to get out there, take a chance, experience life, and even make mistakes while you’re at it. Feel free to use your family, your friends, and the people of the world as your guide and learn from their experiences. A fool learns solely from his own experiences; the wise learn from that and the experiences of others. Getting insight from others will in fact prevent you from experiencing certain things you’ll be more than happy to avoid. Always keep an open mind and welcome those who offer insight that could be beneficial to your life.

There are so many places to go, so many people to meet, so many things to see and they’re all within your grasp if you simply believe that you can achieve it. If you desire to be married to a loving, honest, respectable man who protects and provides for you, you can certainly make it a reality if you work towards that goal. If you desire to have a family and travel the world, this too is achievable if you set goals and set out to achieve them. One thing is for certain though; you can’t achieve your goals if you don’t set any!

If you want to travel the world, stop making excuses for why you can’t, and start figuring out a way that you can. If you want to have a husband and a family, let go of your fear of being hurt by someone else and be open to loving again! If you want to become an entrepreneur and take control of your finances, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and be the best at what you do. There’s no one in this world that can stop you from being your own boss, traveling the world, and having a loving husband and family to tag along for the ride. The only thing standing in your way is you!

Before you know it, this short life will be over, you’ll look back on your accomplishments, and you want to be able to say “I am happy with the way I lived my life!” That’s what life is all about… building relationships and leaving behind legacies! If you’re miserable at the job you’re working at now, let go of your fear and come up with a way to gain your freedom! If you’re in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, free yourself, explore the world on your own, and be willing to open yourself back up to the new possibilities of love. If you’re unhappy with the neighborhood you’re living in, decide your ideal location, plan an exit strategy, then get up and MOVE!!!

Before all of this technology existed, there was just people, plants, and wild life; now we have tall sky scrapers, planes flying in the sky, cars driving on the roads, computers, cell phones, you name it. All of these things came to existence because someone, somewhere had a vision or an idea, and they took the steps they needed to make it a reality. Steve Jobs is one of the most influential men who lived in our time; he’s no longer with us, but because of the decisions he made with his life, he made a difference in the world that will live forever. Steve Jobs didn’t have anything that’s not available to you or anyone else in the world. What Steve Jobs did was he let go of fear, and sought out to do something that no one else in the world had done.

This too can be you! You can create a blueprint for your life and for your relationships, and you can build upon it day by day until you’ve yielded your perceived results. Success is measured by one’s ability to reach his/her goals, so if you want to be successful, set goals and work towards making your dreams a reality. Don’t allow your life to pass you by, and be left with nothing to show for it; believe in yourself, make the best of your life, and be proud of your accomplishments.

Many times we are our worst enemies! The only thing holding us back from leaving a terrible relationship, a terrible job, or a terrible living situation is you! It’s time to let go of fear and start living for the moment! Open your heart, open your mind, and get ready to explore everything this world has to offer. The sky is the limit, so let go of your fears and get ready for success in your personal and professional life.

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7 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Fear!

  1. Hey Chey…this was great. For some reason I have been unsubscribed for your wordpress account and I have missed all of your summer posts. What do I do about it?

    You are right about the fear issue. Just this summer, I decided that because my sister has traveled all over the world for her career that I could actually use her connections to travel the world in July. And that it was I did. I was fortunate and blessed to stay in Greece, Australia, England, France, South Africa, and the Carribbean for no cost while only paying the airfare. It was a beautiful experience.
    The second thing I did this summer was tell a man that I had a romantic interest in him. It was all because of a thought that I had while on a plane preparing to fly out of town. I imagined to myself that what if I died that night in a plane wreck and never told the man I had strong feelings for him? What would happen to my soul? Is it better to say you love someone and risk being rejected or never say something at all? I decided the later. Although the feelings were unfortunately not returned, I am able to release those feelings of love and save them for the person who will rightly want and return my feelings of affection for them. Those were my fear facing moments for the summer so far. By the end of September I will be facing two more. My brief movie role ( so excited about that) and beginning to write my memoir while continuing to serve and love others.

    Thanks for the blog Chey. Do not foget to tell me how I can subscribe again. I have missed out on some great blogs. Keep inspiring us!!

  2. Thank you for this. I thank God for your gift. This blog is right on time in my life. Keep up the good work brother!

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