Supporting Others: Printing Company “Liquid Dreams Design”

Greetings everyone!

Support is something that every person and every business needs. Supporting other people’s business endeavors helps our businesses grow stronger in our communities.

Please connect with me via Facebook to tell me all about your business!

Michael Chiara is the owner of “Liquid Dreams Design” where they offer excellent color printing & Direct Mail Services for your Business! They Design, Print & Mail for All Your Advertising Needs. Liquid Designs has printing high quality t-shirts & banners for the “AskCheyB” brand and will be working closely with us to produce more promotional materials.

Contact Michael today to print excellent t-shirts, flyers, posters, banners and more for your brand!

Twitter: @LDDPrintandMail

Michael Chiara
344 Avenue Y (Between Shell Rd & West 3rd St)
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Tel: (718) 627-8599
Fax: (718) 627-8702

AskCheyB Facebook:
AskCheyB Twitter: @AskCheyB

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