Presentation Is Everything!!!

Some say “never judge a book by its cover”, but it’s the “cover” that stimulates a viewers heart, mind, and soul. If the cover doesn’t give an idea of what’s on the inside, the presenter should come up with a better presentation. Who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re capable of doing counts for nothing if know one else knows it. We live in a visually oriented society, so the first assessment a person will make of you will be based on what their eyes can see. With this in mind, always present yourself in the way you want to be known and remembered as.

An “impression” is the mark you leave behind. The first impression gives others an idea of the shape of your character. No matter how many times you try to make a new impression, the very first one you made will always be set in the hearts and minds of the people you’ve encountered. The opinions of others should matter to you because you never know who a person is, who they are, or how they can change your life. The way they feel about you can and will influence the favor they show you in the future, or the lack thereof.

The world is a center stage where we are constantly required to perform. Being physically appealing attracts romantic admirers, being an intellectual attracts thought leaders and inquisitive minds, being loving attracts those who have love for you or seek love for themselves. The same affect is true of those who portray the image of a hoodlum, a prostitute, or a riff raff. It’s safe to step out of character in the comfort of your own home, but when you’re amongst members of society, everyone should be able to recognize who you are (to them). The people around you should see something in you that they love and admire, as opposed to something that they hate and despise.

Men and women view life differently; some females are heavily influenced by males in the early stages of life which influence their male tendencies growing up. Some males experience the same thing, growing up amongst female influences, which in turn raise their female tendencies. For the average heterosexual male, life is simple; everything is either logical or practical, and anything else outside of that simply doesn’t make sense. When a man sees a woman who dresses and carries herself like a whore, he initially fixes his mind to treat her like a whore. When a man sees a woman who dresses and carries herself like a lady, he initially fixes his mind to treat her like a lady.

We are all free to walk, talk, dress, and behave in any way that we choose, but it’s important to consider the affect your actions have on others if you plan on associating with them for personal or professional purposes in the future. A woman’s outer beauty can gain her the keys to a man’s bedroom; a woman’s inner beauty can gain her the keys to a man’s heart. If you are an exceptionally beautiful woman on the outside, better to dim your light and let your inner beauty shine. When a man is looking for sex, he closes his heart and opens his eyes. When a man is looking for love, he closes his eyes and opens his heart.

When you present yourself as a lady, you practice playing a role for the character that you want people to know and remember as. In addition, you’ll attract more gentlemen because you’re exactly the type of woman a man wants to settle down with. You’ll avoid the unqualified men because they don’t have the time, interest, or money to invest in a lady. They’re looking for a woman who carries herself like one and will accept payments as opposed to investments.

A man knows the role he wants for a woman to play in his life before he even meets her. If you present yourself as sex symbol, he will want to keep you as only a sex symbol. And once a man sees you as a potential sex slave, he will no longer consider you for a serious long-term commitment. He will instead keep you around as his convenience while he continues his search to find himself, as well as a more respectable lady. You have to be careful when you find someone who’s a perfect match. A whore is the perfect match for a pimp. A lady is the perfect match for a gentleman.

It’s best to always present yourself as someone who is worth knowing and worthy of a commitment. One of the many benefits of companionship is the access it gives you to another person’s world. You go from being independent to being interdependent; sharing each other spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically. Sex will always be a missing link in an individual’s life because it’s meant to be experienced with someone else. Anyone who has the proper functioning tools below the belt can have sex; it’s the depth inside of you that will motivate others to want to remain a part of your life.

Character can be detected through ones eyes, facial expressions, word choice, style of dress, the company they keep, the places they go, the things they do, the overall way they treat themselves and others, etc. These are all reflections of who a person is and what they represent. Fortunately, these signs can be picked up before you even open you’re mouth to introduce yourself. You can measure whether or not a person’s morals, values, and character is in alignment with yours simply be sitting back and observing.

Words are used to seduce, to convince, and to sway an audience into believing something that benefits the deliverer of the message; they appear to be reassuring, but often times are a lot less accurate than actions. If you seek proof of a person’s character, close your ears so that you’re not manipulated by their impression of themselves. Open your eyes so that you can see for yourself who they really are, and open your heart so that you’ll know how that person’s actions make you feel. When a person shows you who they are… believe them.

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