Always Put Family First!

Throughout our journeys in life, we will meet many wonderful people in many places; some may stay, and some may go. No matter who comes into our lives and who leaves, what remains true is that the people in our families always remain in our hearts and on our minds. We forget the names of the people we grew up with, the kids we went to school with, the people we used to work with, but it’s important to never exclude, never abandon and never forget about our families.

It’s great to have a spiritual and emotional connection to other human beings, but what’s even more wonderful about having love for others is letting those people know through your actions and your words that you love them. When you have people in your life that mean something to you, be a light to their lives by expressing these thoughts and feelings directly to them. Love starts in the home, so be a distributor of it to everyone and everything in your household, and pray that love will always dwell inside of you all. A family that prays together stays together.

Home is where the heart is! It’s counter-productive to be the best person you can be all by yourself when you’ve got the worst children, the worst siblings, the worst parents, or the worst significant other. Learn to grow “together”; be an inspiration to everyone by constantly giving words of inspiration and encouragement. Everyone should start their day off feeling great, go on about their day feeling uplifted, and look forward to coming home to a place that feels like paradise. If your home feels like a prison or a nightmare, there’s a great chance that the people who live there will want to spend more time everywhere else than at home with family. Make your home feel like an escape from the world’s harsh realities, instead of a place that reminds them of it.

Everywhere you go and everything you do should be a reflection of who you are and what you represent. When you have a family, you represent them as well as yourself, so always present yourself in the way you want to be known and remembered as. Carry yourself with dignity and respect when you’re around your family, and continue to do the same when you’re not. The people you love deserve to have a positive role model who is strong enough and capable of leading a respectable and commendable life, as you would expect the same consideration out of all the members of your family.

If there’s anything we have in this world, it’s “time”. You can never be too busy for the family you’ve created. Your family depends on you so be there for them as often as you can. A husband and a wife need each other, children need their parents, and siblings need one another. Without our families, we’re stuck in this world with random people. Allow the love you have for yourself and the love you have for your family to be the glue that sticks you together for as long as you live.

Being a family requires teamwork. Everyone has a role to play and everyone is responsible for doing his or her part in the relationship. The man of the house protects and provides, the lady of the house nurtures and supports, and the children serve as aids to both parents. A family divided stays weak, but a family together stays strong! Encourage one another to be the best person they can be and to help one another grow stronger in God.

A good husband serves as a guide for the rest of the family; he sets the example for the way a man should care for his wife and children, and well as the man he should be in the public eye. He maintains a legitimate source of income and he brings his entire revenue home to share with his family. A good wife is an accountant in her own right; She takes care of the home, so she knows when the refrigerator is empty, when the children are sick or need new things, when the house needs repairs, etc so she is given the power to delegate where the family’s money is distributed. The children obey their mother and their father, and they take heed to the lessons being given, as these are life lessons that are designed to prepare them for the real world!

The love and fellowship you share within your household will be the motivation for your family to stay happy, healthy, and prosperous. Take a genuine interest in your family member’s hobbies and interests; be the first to show them that you care and that you support their endeavors. Give feedback on how they can improve what may seem to be a good idea, and help them make it into something great! Offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to express their feelings to when you see your loved ones in want/need of attention. When love can be found inside of the home, there’s no need or desire to outsource.

Friendship is the key to romance, and it’s romance that brought you the relationship that you’re currently in. A husband should be a wife’s best male friend, and a wife should be a husband’s best female friend; value this union and let no one come between it. Many will try to break the sanctity of your union, but know that for them, this challenge is merely for sport. They have no real desire to build a life of substance with you. They simply want to see how close they can get to you and to prove that by you giving your time/energy/effort to another man/woman, you can’t possibly be as happy and/or exclusive as you claim to be. Let no one break your family’s bond!

Being single gives us a great deal of independence; a feeling that for a long time we are reluctant to relinquish. And for this reason I say, Relationships and marriages aren’t for everybody; Relationships and marriages are only for the ready! Being in a relationship means that you are willing to “share” your world with someone else. If you’re sharing your world with someone and they’re sharing their world with you… your independence then turns into “interdependence”. If you have nothing to give and/or if you’re not willing to share your world, you are not ready to be in a relationship/marriage.

When you’re single, you and your friends lose all sense of time. When you’re in a relationship or married, timing is of the essence. When you’re independent, there’s no one that you have to consider. When you have a family, there’s everyone in your home to consider. When you’re by yourself, you can afford to miss a meal. When you’re accountable for others you have to make sure everyone gets fed.

The same people you spend your leisure time with while you’re away from your family should be welcome in your home amongst your family. Surround yourself with happy, healthy, and prosperous people, and invite those same individuals to fellowship with the people who are important in your life. The people whom you associate with the most on a personal level have the capacity to influence your behavior and your decisions, so choose wisely. Sometimes starting a new life will require new friends.

If you come to realize that you’re not ready for a relationship and/or marriage, take the noble pursuit by being honest with yourself and your partner about it. Commit to someone if/when you can afford to give a part of yourself to another. Having children with someone binds you for life, however it does not contract the two of you in a life long “romantic” relationship with one another. If your relationship with your partner doesn’t work out, the two of you should continue to treat one another with dignity and respect for the sake of the child and for peace of mind. While separated, take time to focus on yourself, your child, and your future. Keep the family together in spirit.

Being responsible means you have something to lose and that you’re not willing to lose it. Be responsible for your family! If you lose your family, you’ll come to find that they’re the only ones that really wanted you around and loved you unconditionally. There is nothing more important than family! Not work, not sex, not money or things! There is nothing more valuable than your family’s fellowship. Make the people you love and the people you care about number one in your life.

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2 thoughts on “Always Put Family First!

  1. Beautifully said CheyB
    As we know it to be today, families come in many blended different shapes sizes and cultures. What we call “Blended Families” your children, my children, adopted children, family member who couldn’t raise their children…so cousins, nieces, nephews and lets not forget the grand children, etc. I emphasized on the children because they are the future and life line of the family names, and it’s vital we give them their chance at a good life. Starting with a loving, nurturing, grounded environment 2 grow, in the beginning!!! I’ve always said despite how the child was conceived they’re here and need us!!! They did not ask 2 be born and should not be made 2 suffer 4 it.
    Thanks 4 always pouring into us👏

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