The Sole Purpose of Dating…

Being single has its perks! You get to come and go as you please, you don’t have to answer to anyone, there are no set rules that you have to abide by… you just feel like you have total freedom!!! This is great until you want “romance” in your life. Sure, there are people you can call on to have a drink with, hang out with, or even sleep with from time to time, but that’s only if/when they’re available. The lack of consistency in your love life is one of the biggest drawbacks of being single. So in order to gain consistency and longevity in your love life with someone of substance, you may be required to commit yourself to being with that person, and the best way to figure out who will fit that mold is by dating them.

Now before you can even think about going on a date, you first have to first look in the mirror and evaluate the person that you (are inside and out). When you look in the mirror, you have to believe in your heart that you are a worthy candidate for dating, and then you have to actually possess qualities and characteristics that prove to the other person that you are a worthy candidate for dating. If you’re evaluating yourself and “you” don’t feel you’re worthy, then the people you will attempt to date will feel the same way about you at some point in time. So be sure that you’re ready to start dating before you actually get out there and attempt to date 🙂

Now that you’ve evaluated yourself, your esteem is high, confidence is through the roof, you look good/smell good/feel good, you’re independent, you’re educated, you have your own money, you live on your own, etc it’s time to go and find someone who is a reflection of who you are. <<< This means that the person you entertain should also have high esteem, confidence through the roof, looks good/smells good/feels good, is independent, educated, has their own money, is living on their own, etc. Just like you!!! <<<< This is a bare minimal requirement!!! Remember the evaluation you did before you left your house. Know your worth and don’t settle for anything less!!

Men are hunters and they like a challenge, so there will always be men who are ready/willing/available to date you if he feels you are worthy, and feels that you feel you are worthy. Use dating as a way to get closer to someone you see as a potential candidate for marriage; not everyone gets a date. You will find though that not every man you see as potential will be a good fit, but it’s an experience nonetheless. And since you can’t predict how each date will turn out, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Line up multiple dates with different men just to keep your options open.

Once you’ve made a connection with one of the men you’re dating, you get to continue to grow closer and have more fun with this individual by dating him some more and getting better acquainted. Once you’re comfortable and feel he’s earned the privilege of getting a title, you can take those steps and begin to grow “together”. It is at this point you no longer have to worry about where your hugs and kisses are going to come from, and you can feel confident that your new partner will be more than happy to deliver his time, energy, and “everything else” when you call (wink). You now have “exclusivity”! <<<< And that is a wonderful feeling!

Dating isn’t just for single folks; it’s a way to have fun with a potential partner and your actual partner. One common mistake that some people in relationships make in relationships is that they stop competing for their significant other’s love and affection. The competition never stops competing, so neither should you! If you’re in a relationship of marriage, dating should be a highlight in the relationship; something to look forward to. Keep the fun and excitement flourishing throughout your relationship; it doesn’t have to be expense, but make it a night to remember.

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  1. Your write-ups have been just great and on point, they are real, practical, guiding and encouraging. God bless and increase you.

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