Boys vs Grown Men

Boys worry about their woman being taken by another man when she goes out (without him). A grown man knows that no matter where she goes, she’ll be right back with him at the end of the night. Boys will ignore a woman’s personality and character and value a woman who’s experienced in the bedroom. A Grown Man would be pleased to have a woman who’s a virgin & has great character. He will take the time to learn her body, so they can have the greatest sex ever! A boy focuses on women, and puts education/money on hold. A grown man focuses on education/money, and puts women on hold. Boys try to control their women. A grown man tries to control himself. Boys wouldn’t give a woman who is NOT fast & easy a second look. A grown sees value in a woman who isn’t fast and easy… so she gets a “first” look. Boys want to clock their women and know where she’s at at all times. A grown man is concerned with the time his woman will be spending with him. Boys rely on women. A Grown Man relies on himself. Boys go dutch. A Grown Man pays for himself and the woman he’s out with. Boys are concerned with how other’s view his outer appearance. A Grown Man is concerned with how other’s view his character. Boys worry about being turned down by a woman if he approaches her. A grown man knows that a woman will respect you just for trying. Boys degrade women. A Grown Man upgrades women. Boys want to clock their women and know where she’s at at all times. A grown man is concerned with the time his woman will be spending with him. Boys love to party. A Grown Man is all partied out! Boys treat women like sex slaves. A Grown man treats his woman like a Queen. Boys take all they can get, and gives nothing in return. A grown man gives all he can give and takes appreciation in return. Boys never look for love. A grown man is constantly looking for love. Boys will text their woman the same “Good morning beautiful” text he sends everyone else. A grown man puts forth the effort, picks up the phone and calls his woman, and gives her exclusive time/energy. When a boy is hurt, he looks to soon hurt someone else. When a Grown Man is hurt, he’s looking to heal so he can soon love someone else. Boys will read this and be mad because AskCheyB called them out . A Grown Man will read this, click the “like” button, and pass it on to other grown men and their female friends.

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9 thoughts on “Boys vs Grown Men

  1. I don’t know how I feel about some of the stuff said here… I especially hate that he compares a grown man to a boy. A grown man is a grown man, forget your preconceived, coerced notions of manhood. It’s not all Ford Trucks, Craftsman Tools, and being a woman’s doormat. It’s about being equal. If you have to impress your woman by defining yourself in such a manner… I’d call you a boy.

    1. Hello Velma, I appreciate you reading and sharing your thoughts. I would love for you to share this blog with your facebook friends and encourage them to subscribe. Yes, a grown woman certainly needs a grown man, and vice versa. It’s important for a woman to know what signs to look out for, and what type of people to avoid when looking for a grown man.

      Follow me: @AskCheyB

  2. By the Way, did you and Paul C. Burnson have a private converstion lately? He has the same information on his latest March 2012 Blog on While I was reading, I thought to myself ” Haven’t I read this somewhere else?” Made me go hmmm…..

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