The Power of “Submission”!

Submission is a great thing to have in a relationship. The man is the king and the woman is the queen, and the sooner both parties understand their roles, the more successful that relationship will be. Ladies, no matter what a man thinks in his mind, at the end of the day you are in total control. By submitting to your man, you give him a temporary victory, boosting his ego, and making him feel better about himself as a man. You’ll also notice that the more you make him feel better about himself as a man, the more hours he’ll put in at work to provide his beautiful queen, the more housework he’ll do to make sure you’re happy, and the more he’ll want to come home to a place where he’s the “King of the jungle”.

If you’re paying close attention, you’ll see that in actuality, he is in fact submitting to all of your hearts desires (without you even asking). Your actions will inspire and motivate him to be the best man he can be not only for you, but also for himself. This honor of submission btw should only be given to the man who has earned this privilege through marriage. Your worth is determined by the value you add to the lives of others, so if you want a man to earn certain privileges by marrying you, you have to show him that you’re worth marrying by carrying yourself as marriage worthy material.A man who hasn’t yet taken the step of marrying you too has to prove himself and show that he’s worthy of having you submit to him, and perform other wifely duties. As you grow closer through dating and throughout the course of a relationship, the two of you should exhibit qualities of a good wife and husband, but not yet perform all of the actual duties.

Submission isn’t as terrible as it may seem, and can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal. Take for example going out on a date with a guy you like; it’s customary for a man to court his woman, so instead of taking charge and planning the date yourself, be submissive, and allow him to take that initiative. Before a date even takes place, hopefully he’s taken the time to get to know you, he knows what you like to eat/drink, and things you like to do for fun, so he can use this information to plan accordingly. If allowed, he’ll choose a nice place for the two of you to go, schedule a time and a date, and make sure you have a good time. You leave all the hard work up to him while you sit back and enjoy being a woman.

This gesture not only allows you to see what a man can do on his own merit, but it allows him to see that you’re a woman who knows how to make a man feel like a man! While you’re sitting back and enjoying being a woman, you should be taking notes and measuring how (if at all) the man you’re dating will fit into your life. When you take matters into your own hands, you miss out on a world of information that a man inevitably reveals about himself when he takes initiative. Some men will sit back and allow you to take initiative because what that tells him is, you don’t want a man to be in control, and since he’s relieved of these duties, he can kick back, relax, and enjoy the free ride!

You see, everything a man does revolve around a woman! He works a job, buys nice clothes, decorates his home, and stays well groomed all so that he can impress a woman. But he’s only willing to go the distance for a woman who shows her appreciation, by simply stroking his ego and making him feel good about his accomplishments. It doesn’t take much; men are pleased with a simple “Thank you” after he’s taken the initiative to plan a nice evening, made sure you’re comfortable and entertained, and got home safely. The more you show your appreciation for his efforts, the better he’ll feel as a man and the more likely he’ll be willing to do it for you again.

Dates are meant to be fun filled and stress free, so don’t make it stressful by thinking you deserve something from a man simply because you’re “pretty”. You deserve everything you put into a relationship; if you put in nothing, you deserve nothing! If a man has chosen you as a potential candidate for dating, use this opportunity to show him why he made the right choice. If you’re not mutually interested in him, there’s no sense in entertaining the date in the first place, but if you see yourself being with this person, then Game On!!! Now is the time for you to show him that everything he’s looking for in a wife is in you!

When it comes to men, he already knows if you’re the woman he wants to marry before he even meets you. We also know if you’re just someone we’re going to keep around as a sex slave. If by chance he chooses you with the heart to marry you, you don’t want to mess it up as a result of you not knowing your role as a woman. A lot of women want to married, but don’t know how to be wives, and this is one of the main reasons men bypass women, and don’t consider them for marriage… because they don’t make him feel like a man!

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do for a living, you can eliminate a lot of the tension in a relationship by simply allowing the man to be the man! It doesn’t matter if you make more money than your man, because if he’s your man, you’ll both be sharing all the resources anyway. What a man values is having the ability to do nice things for his woman and having her show her appreciation. As long as he’s able to take care of himself, and take care of you, and take care of home, money should never be an issue.

Submission by no means insists that you become a man’s slave; that’s no fun. Submission is simply knowing your role and playing it well. You want your man to know that he is the head of the household, and the leader in the family. By giving him this position he knows he is the man, and he feels great about having you as his woman. Once the two of you know the roles you’re supposed to play in the relationship, you can then focus more time and energy in being a team! You want your man to know and understand that because he is a man, he is expected to protect and provide; you don’t ever want your man to lose sight of that.

As his woman or potential woman, you want to let him know that you are there for him, you love him, you support him, and you appreciate him. Learn to believe in the man you’re giving your time to, learn to trust in him. Support his decisions and let him lead and take control (if even only for appearance sake). A man loves to do things for his woman; it gives him a sense of purpose in this world. Always encourage your man to possess the 3P’s; a protector, a provider, and a problem solver. If you show a man you don’t want or need his help, you make him feel as though he serves no purpose in your life. Continue to give him purpose.

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8 thoughts on “The Power of “Submission”!

  1. Wonderful as always. I always pick a lot of things and did I add bookmark the pages too!!! Awesome…. Please keep it up. Greetings from Africa

  2. Your worth is determined by the value you add to the lives of others,

    This is such a dangerous thing to tell someone.

    Your value does not depend on this.Your value is based on how you view and think of yourself, self Love PEOPLE SELF LOVE!

    My word, stop telling people this scary and dangerous shit.

  3. I see you felt it necessary to tweet that statement on Twitter.

    So say you were the last person on Earth, you wouldn’t have worth because there is no one else to add value to their life?

    Will you answer?

    Regardless of whether you add value to someone else’s life, which is by the way, extremely subjective, you as a human being have value because you are here and you are you.
    When you depend on others to tell you you are worth something, you also give them the power to take it away at any moment.

    Never depend on another person to determine if you are worth something.

  4. Chey…always informative and inspiring. Heart changer! A definite pleasure to read as I think of all the wonderful things I can do for my man and remain submissive. Thank you always.

  5. I love this blog and you always share great information. I never got a chance to tell you cause I got busy but I loved your book as well. Ordered it on my kindle. By sharing your information you allow others to get their inheritance of more knowledge of things to help them along the way. You can never have to much information. Thank You

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